COMMENT: Is this the death of free speech?

NAIVE, reckless, racist or brave?

Whichever of those you believe, the resignation of Rotherham MP Sarah Champion from Labour’s front bench shows we are continuing to bury our heads in the sand over the gang grooming and abuse of children.

More than 1,400 young girls in Rotherham were criminally let down by authorities who either chose to allow the grooming to happen, to ignore it or to brush aside as racism the belief of many that those responsible were gangs of British-Pakistani men.

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5 thoughts on “COMMENT: Is this the death of free speech?

  1. …or jumping on the bandwagon as usual?
    Hoping for headlines and another photobomb opportunity..?
    Experts had just stated what she repeated but it back fired and she got fired for it…
    Had she stood up to be counted I would have taken my hat of to her but she picked up her skirt and ran for the hills (Derbyshire hills)


  2. What a load of!!!

    The world is going mad, from conspiracy theorists to people making things up, what kind of people are commenting on here.

    This could have been quite easily have been nipped in the bud along time ago, and do not be fooled by a particular ‘model’ of abuse not being recognised, the truth is that victims of all forms of abuse have been let down in Rotherham.

    Or is this whole subject matter, only and merely ‘positive racism’, where we find only black and white! If that is how contrasting the problem is then we need to take off our rose tinted glasses.


  3. ” NAIVE, reckless, racist or brave ”

    Heading misses out “spineless” – for not fighting her corner and letting her political career get in the way of integrity.
    But of course, she’s now one of the political class – a societal strata of useless leeches and parastites.


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