Man jailed for sharing extremist videos on internet

A 39-year-old man who shared extremist videos on the internet has been jailed for five years, police said.

Sagheer Hussain, of Bishop Street, Bradford, was found guilty of three terrorism offences following a trial at Leeds Crown Court.

Hussain was arrested after he uploaded three YouTube videos in support of the Islamic State (IS) group to a public Google account.

A spokesman for the North East Counter Terrorism Unit said Hussain was arrested in January 2016 after an intelligence-led investigation and charged with three counts of disseminating terrorist publications in August 2016.

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5 thoughts on “Man jailed for sharing extremist videos on internet

  1. Tip of the iceberg…
    The times I have got in a taxi and the rantings of some preacher or other is blaring out aggressive sounding speeches, only for the driver to turn it off quickly…


  2. 5 years – it’s a joke.
    There is only one way to deal with these idiots, and it doesn’t involve wasting taxpayer’s money to keep them in jail.


    • Mr Hussain had 25,000 hits on his video from potential recruits…..Jail will offer him just another venue for terrorist recruitment..
      A sudden collapse of the floorboards resulting in separation of the c2 and c3 vertebrae is a more merciful and effective way of suggesting to angry young men ….. “Don’t even think about it “


  3. Oh, poor dear he was “Celebrating Diversity” and seems to have been misunderstood!
    You see when he broadcast “slaughter the unbeliever”, he meant ” kill the Kuffr” all in accordance with the Medina verses.
    Clearly the law is showing religious intolerance here!
    I do so hope our liberal elite rush to excuse this behaviour. Thus showing their true level of empathy for the common people!
    We must Celebrate Diversity after all!



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