Rotherham abuse: Whistleblower investigation ‘examined’

The handling of an investigation into the woman who first revealed the child sexual abuse scandal in Rotherham is to be examined, the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme has learned.

Jayne Senior has been investigated by Rotherham Council for a year, after a number of complaints.

It is understood the Local Government Ombudsman has now said it will look into her treatment.

Rotherham Council said it had a duty to ensure complaints were considered.

As a charity worker helping exploited teenagers, Mrs Senior helped reveal a pattern in the town that saw children groomed, raped and tortured by groups of men for more than a decade.

The extent of the abuse was exposed three years ago in a report by Prof Alexis Jay, which said more than 1,400 children had been abused, with the police and council failing to act.

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Victoria Derbyshire:

A whistleblower on the Rotherham abuse scandal exclusively reveals that she feels ‘vilified’ by the investigation into her over claims she has made money from the scandal.

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10 thoughts on “Rotherham abuse: Whistleblower investigation ‘examined’

  1. “Mrs Senior helped reveal a pattern in the town that saw children groomed, raped and tortured by groups of men for more than a decade”.

    Incompetence knows no bounds, when was the seminar again ladies and gentleman.


    • Just because you do not have a restraining order against you, doesn’t mean you are free to repeat your daughters dark accusations, that have been shown to have no merit. I would recommend a period of silence on social media on your part.


      • I can say as I want these are my words and this is how I feel as she as about my daughter Laura Wilson in her book which is lies and she noes this so don’t you start on me this as nothing to do with my other daughter Sarah


  2. She can’t feel that threatened by the council enquiry can she ? She’s gone over to the dark side now hasn’t she ? Am i wrong or isn’t she now Councillor Jayne Senior another snout in the Rotherham Labour Party Trough.


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