Ratbiter sinks his teeth into Shafiq

Thought readers would like to see this from this weeks Private Eye concerning a friend of Muhbeen.

See also:

Jahangir Akhtar and his abuse of Mohammed Shafiq in full

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Thanks to a ‘regular reader’  the outrageous twitter behaviour of Jahangir Akhtar towards Mohammed Shafiq can be seen in full:

and: Letter to the Media about Muhbeen Hussain

34 thoughts on “Ratbiter sinks his teeth into Shafiq

        • Taqiyaa is an alien comcept amongst 90% of muslims who happen to be sunni. It is found in the shia mudlim community who faced persecution in the early days and were allowed to lie or hide theor beliefs when questioned to protect themselves from persecution and their lives.
          One charge used by sunni extremists against shia muslims is that they practice Taqiyaa and should not be trusted.

          Now ignorant bigots on muslim hate websites who cant be bothered to do their own research simply tarnish the whole muslim community with the.charge of Taqiyaa.


        • Do not k ow any of those web sites. Read and
          Some Hadith’s initially I. Malaysia in 1963.
          Whilst Sh’ite practiced it to avoid persecution by Sunnis, Sunnis do practice it or has history been falsified.
          Oh, and I do not have to sit exam questions set by you!


        • For too long we have gone along with project bull-crap from either the Far Right or the Muslim extremist and it appears both use the same mantra.

          I think SBA is right on the money,

          Poetmorgan, importantly the word Takiyah means: Pious, Righteous (Google it).

          The understanding between the name and usage of term, is to save one’s life and not reveal faith to a transgressing party, if their life depended upon it.

          Takiyah is only used for not admitting to faith for preservation of life only (as you yourself Poetmorgan suggest regarding the Malaysian position, or Sunni on Shia, you don’t need to rewrite history either, just understand it correctly).

          Where the understanding of lying outright on all subject matters are concerned, I would advise you to change your reading materials, it’s terminology and wording simply do not exist.

          Takiyah is not the ‘disposition’ of Muslims, inherently Taqwa is.

          Have a word with your local Imam, I can honestly say that they don’t bite.

          Seriously visiting an Imam on a Sunday, what will the neighbours think.


  1. Thank you Rik, the self appointed leader I was referring to was Muhbeen Hussain.

    “Muhbeen Hussain organised a British Muslim Youth group protest, when more than 200 people lined Rotherham’s street outside the Town Hall to speak out against the scandal.”

    In the law of probabilities:

    “Mohammed Shafiq, 35, chief executive of the British Ramadhan Foundation.”

    Called as a speaker, takes one to know one.


    Probably apart from the Imam, self appointed ‘community leaders’ all round.


  2. I doubt if Hotspot and SBA will list their qualifications and experiences for their holier than thou crud and questioning. Ah, what the hell.
    There’s might be the tangled webs Scott had on mind!


    • One does need any qualifications to point out the nonsense directed at whole community of people to smear them. Those on anti muslim websites are open about tbeir motivations and reasons for holding such warped views of people numbering over 1.5 billion. I wonder what are your motivations for making such claims that have no substance?


      • Please reread my original contribution and name the community I was supposed to be attacking! My point was deception can at end be self defeating.
        You and another seemed oversensitive to this!
        I know not why but can have my suspicions about this.


        • Nothing about being sensitive here:

          From your earlier post after quoting marmion you end with :

          “Taqiyya at end will be self defeating.”

          Are you claiming you are referring /addressing the Scots with this statement?


  3. As I wrote don’t visit such sites like you seem to have. I am an agnostic in religion and political affiliation.
    You avoid stating your experiences! Are you Muslim, if so ought you not state so as you seek to act as my inquisitor.
    If you are a Muslim you seem oversensitive.
    Please point out the hate writing in my original quote from Marmion?

    Now I do know of an event where pagans agree a 10 year pear treaty with a Muslim Leader. He then attacked them and conquered them a year later. This deception was justified……
    This makes your definition somewhat deceptive!


    • I am not accusing you of visiting such websites. Neither do I seek to be your Inquisitor. Apologies if you thought this. I am simply pointing out that those who charge the muslims of practicing taqiya are not very knowledgeable about what taqiyaa is as it is an alien concept for overwhelming majority of the muslim population.
      For clarification, any human being is going to do whatever it takes to protect themselves from presecution and death and will even lie to achieve this but this does not mean somehow that they are practicing Taqiya if they happen to be muslim.

      You mention a muslim leader who broke a peace treaty, why not give the full version of how that pagan leaders tried to assasinate him by attempted to throw a rock over him as he passed below to kill him but missed. So who broke the the peace treaty. Were you aware of this side of the story?

      Finally what has my experience or religion got to do anything with here. If I am a muslim does that soemhow impact on the discussion in any way?


  4. But you did want to know my experience. You accused me of attacking a whole community and I did not. This article is about two men, two individuals, who were exposed in Private Eye of representing whole national organisations. They seemed to me to be deceptive.
    This seemed to me to be self defeating. You read too much into what I wrote.
    Peace to you and may your God be with you!


  5. Very interesting Poetmorgan that you are an agnostic, may I add it appears that you appear to be gnostic at the same time.
    So you are unsure about what you believe in, and you are absolutely certain what others believe in, nowt quite like judging another.
    Well I’m a pragmatist and you are most welcome.


  6. I am certain I do not know what others think. Where I have said this elude me, but whatever hope you are happy none the less.
    The world is full of sneaks and cheats and lies.
    Mr Bean might fit in one of those as may many who cover up CSE and obfuscate about great wrongs
    So I adopt the approach of: Credo sed caveo, this incidentally was my trade union’s motto a few decades ago.


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