Rotherham: The questions that remain three years on

Three years ago this week, Professor Alexis Jay published her shocking findings that exposed the sickening extent of child abuse by grooming gangs in the South Yorkshire town of Rotherham – and how the authorities had utterly failed an estimated 1,400 victims.

One of the key findings was that some senior people in the council and the police had sought to “downplay” the Pakistani heritage of many perpetrators and left frontline staff “confused as to what they were supposed to say and do and what would be interpreted as ‘racist’”.

The report outlined horrifying stories of missed opportunities to catch perpetrators, fathers being arrested for trying to remove their daughters from houses where the girls were being abused and whistle-blowers being silenced.

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3 thoughts on “Rotherham: The questions that remain three years on

  1. Whistleblowers silenced till Andrew Norfolk turns up, don’t buy it!

    They told the Home Office in 2001, 4yrs into project Rotherham.

    They had a seminar in 2005.

    They were silenced until 2012?

    Personally it also appears that the bastion of child protection, Barnados failed the victims in 2001.

    I think Dr Heal report 2003 makes more sense, “one crime syndicate family Rotherham on the scene”.

    Dr Heal report 2005, crime syndicate family no longer on the scene, mainly replaced by Afghanis, Kurdish etc. To be quite frank, they all look the same.

    Operations identify Pakistani Heritage grooming gangs, 2007-10.

    Either way it appears that they didn’t hold anyone to account, if you are in the child protection industry, you should be ashamed of yourselves!

    Where are the victims who had been taken on by Barnados (historically trafficed to Sheffield) , or should I ask child protection officers to come forward.

    Working together law! Since Victoria Climbié death, never again should vulnerable people rely on a particular service provider, and where does that leave the Safeguarding Boards.

    Simply put, criminals allowed to flourish with impunity, how does one know that what they are doing is wrong when left unchallenged!


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