The search for truth goes on.

From an update by the Rotherham Truth Campaign, progress at last!

Will RMBC Assistant Director, David McWilliams, please explain how he received the original communication about the so-called “independent, expert guidance” that he emailed me about on 15.9.15?

This question can be broken down into three parts:

a On what date did David receive the information?
b Who sent or gave David the information?
c In what format did David receive the information?

Time for RMBC to tell us the truth!

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2 thoughts on “The search for truth goes on.

  1. Watch out for the ‘information not held’ excuse. If RMBC even attempt to suggest that they do not have the information the only reasonable explanation can be that RMBC were, are and will be involved with the massive ongoing cover-up. Victims need closure, what RMBC is doing is actually harming the very children they falsely claim to protect and care for, so what possible hope can there be for the children of today and tomorrow?. The ONLY decent course of action is to stop this secrecy, seen by many as deceit, and demonstrate that RMBC has the will and ability to be open, honest, transparent and accountable. Anything less is corporate corruption.


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