Counter-terror programme is “doing a fantastic job” insists Home Secretary Amber Rudd during Leeds visit

Home secretary Amber Rudd yesterday issued an unequivocal defence of the Government’s anti-radicalisation programme, after a Yorkshire civil liberties charity called for the controversial policy to be scrapped.

Ms Rudd was speaking during a visit to Leeds, where she took a tour of Karma Nirvana, a charity which supports victims of honour crime and forced marriage.

Earlier in the day, charity JUST Yorkshire had published its damning independent review into a strand of the Prevent programme, which concluded that it is “counter-productive”, and is “brewing a climate of self-censorship and fear”.

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JUST Yorkshire:


See Nominet Registration:

‘Myths’ by Muslims hit Prevent campaign to fight terror

Islamist groups blamed for undermining police Islamist groups in Britain are undermining the fight against terrorism by peddling “myths” about the government’s key anti-radicalisation policy, according to the country’s most prominent Muslim lawyer. Nazir Afzal, a former chief crown prosecutor, … Continue reading


1 thought on “Counter-terror programme is “doing a fantastic job” insists Home Secretary Amber Rudd during Leeds visit

  1. This is just insulting the intelligence of the UK population.

    The majority of terror related incidents that have been carried out in recent history, all conclude that the main perpetrators were known to intelligence services, definitely the prevent strategy is working.

    For anyone who is still missing the ‘tackier’ details, probably won’t want to know that mosques, community groups and families have unsuccessfully stopped such atrocities not because they did not report such individuals, but maybe the Prevent Strategy has not been explained to the security services.


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