Reports on six child sex abuse scandal investigations to be presented at meeting

THE results of six separate probes into the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal will be published at a meeting next week.

Law firm Gowling WLG is due to reveal the outcome of its investigation into the conduct of senior staff employed by Rotherham Borough Council during the period covered by the damning Jay Report.

Another report will deal with the 2011 theft of 21 laptops from council office Norfolk House — said to contain sensitive details about abuse victims — and a third with the theft of files belonging to researcher Adele Gladman from the offices of youth project Risky Business in 2002.

Read on…,reports-on-six-child-sex-abuse-scandal-investigations-to-be-presented-at-meeting_23659.htm

4 thoughts on “Reports on six child sex abuse scandal investigations to be presented at meeting

  1. Anything less than full condemnation will be perceived by the public as a whitewash. Names must be named, with police follow-up for prosecutions, accompanied by resignations. Anything less will be seen as a collusion of cover-ups between the council, the police, and the so-called ‘independent’ investigators. Oh, and lest we forget, why not Google : “Gowling WLG”+”Common Purpose” ?


    • That’s not how reports work, it’ll be OBE’s, MBE’s and Knighthoods all round, but I do share your concerns.

      Pat on the backs of the new bosses, the same as the old bosses.


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