Religious group submit plans for church on North Anston green belt land

A RELIGIOUS group hoping to build a church on green belt land have submitted plans for a third time.

Previous applications for a Plymouth Brethren Christian place of worship at Common Lane in North Anston were rejected in 2013 and 2015.

Rotherham Borough Council said the loss of the green belt could not be justified and planning board members raised road safety concerns.

Now applicants Elsworth Acres have returned with another proposal – this time including a multi-million centre for Anston Rangers Junior Football Club.

Read on…,religious-group-submit-plans-for-church-on-north-anston-green-belt-land_23649.htm

2 thoughts on “Religious group submit plans for church on North Anston green belt land

  1. This application has been refused by RMBC. Twice.
    I wonder why they think this third application will succeed now they no longer have the support of ex councillor Iain St.John? He ‘forgot’ the land is in the Green Belt.
    Traffic management issues in Common Lane and the nearby junction were not and cannot be resolved at the present time.
    There is ample space for The Brethren on the unbuilt part of North Anston Trading estate.


  2. Rotherham council change their stance on greenbelt land depending on their ‘needs’
    The formally greenbelt land off Penny piece Lane also in North Anston was reclassified as residential in preparation to build 30 or so high end houses on said land to fit RMBC’s housing plan.
    The exceptional reason for changing the status of the land was simply ‘we need to build more houses’
    Yes we need many more £500,000 + houses in Rotherham is the developer


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