Religious groups criticise Labour leadership’s ‘unacceptable’ treatment of MP Sarah Champion

Religious leaders representing Sikh, Hindu and Pakistani Christian communities have written a joint letter condemning the Labour leadership’s response to a controversial article by the Rotherham MP Sarah Champion.

Writing in The Times, the group praises Ms Champion for “speaking an inconvenient truth” in her column for The Sun, while accusing some within the party of attempting to “smear” her.

The intervention follows the MP’s resignation from her position as Shadow Equalities Secretary in response to the backlash over her suggestion that Britain “has a problem with Pakistani men… exploiting white girls”.

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Religious groups defend MP Sarah Champion over grooming claim

A number of Sikh, Hindu and Pakistani Christian groups have written a joint letter criticising Labour’s “weak response” to a frontbencher who spoke out about the race factor in sex-grooming cases.

The letter, co-signed by Lord Singh of Wimbledon, defends Sarah Champion, the Labour MP who was forced to quit the front bench after pointing out that many perpetrators of sex crimes involving street-grooming were of Pakistani origin.

The letter also points out that it is “not just white girls” who have fallen victim to grooming gangs.

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Religious Groups Slam Corbyn for Firing MP over ‘Courageous’ Grooming Gangs Warning

The heads of UK Sikh, Hindu, and Pakistani Christian organisations have said that Sarah Champion should not have been “sacked” from Labour’s front bench for speaking out on the racial aspect of grooming gangs.

“We commend Sarah Champion and the Muslim councillor Amina Lone for speaking up on a clear trend in criminality: the conviction of men of largely Pakistani Muslim heritage in sexual grooming cases”, they wrote in a letter to The Times.

Champion was forced to resign as shadow secretary of state for women and equalities after pointing out that Britain “has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls”, in an article for The Sun last month.

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18 thoughts on “Religious groups criticise Labour leadership’s ‘unacceptable’ treatment of MP Sarah Champion

  1. The actual letter to the Times:
    Sir, We commend Sarah Champion and the Muslim councillor Amina Lone for speaking up on a clear trend in criminality: the conviction of men of largely Pakistani Muslim heritage in sexual grooming cases. Despite being sacked from the shadow cabinet, Champion continues to make a courageous stand (“Left turns a blind eye to sex crimes, says MP”, Sep 2, and “I’d rather be called a racist than turn a blind eye to child abuse”, Saturday interview). Rochdale, Rotherham, and recently Newcastle are examples of a significant number of convictions, highlighting an obvious pattern. However, it’s not just white girls who fall victim.

    For decades Hindu, Sikh and Christian organisations have raised concerns about grooming gangs. The latter have plagued our communities, so much so that a BBC documentary on the targeting of Sikhs was aired a few years ago. The common denominator is that victims almost always tend to be non-Muslim girls. We are dismayed by the Labour leadership’s weak response. We are not willing to see the betrayal of victims, who are being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.

    It’s not racist or Islamophobic to raise a matter of significant public concern. Smearing those speaking an inconvenient truth is unacceptable. Champion is undoubtedly right that we cannot ignore the race of the perpetrators, but neither can we ignore the fact that victims of sexual grooming gangs are almost always non-Muslim.

    Lord Singh of Wimbledon, Network of Sikh Organisations; Mohan Singh, Sikh Awareness Society; Wilson Chowdhry, British Pakistani Christian Association; Satish Sharma, National Council of Hindu Temples; Anil Bhanot, Hindu Council UK; Trupti Patel, Hindu Forum of Britain; Ashish Joshi, Sikh Media Monitoring Group.
    You can find it on this page.


  2. The Labour party has denied and possibly ignored the girls for years.
    Now they are taking the credit for speaking up!
    Always publicity before duty?


    • Marie, may I suggest that you have totally and utterly missed the point!

      The letter to the Times was to defend Cllr Amina Lone who has recently been deselected as a Labour candidate for next year’s councillor elections in Manchester and to support Sarah Champion MP for Rotherham over her recent statements and apparently enforced resignation as a Labour shadow minister.

      Labour ‘terrifies black women’, says sacked councillor Amina Lone
      A Muslim councillor says she has been dumped by the party because it has a problem with outspoken ethnic minority women.



    • Well yes, it was after all a grouping of India diapora Sikh, Christian, and Hindu organisations that signed the letter. Doesn’t appear that they looked for any Muslim signatories.

      Have any of them spoken out about the persecution of Muslims in Gujerat or of the much-in-the news problems of the Muslim Rohingya in Myanmar (AKA Burma)?

      But I do support them in what they write on this one issue.


      • Myanmar has been a secret society until recent years and the conflict there, strangely, involves Buddhist persecution of a Muslim minority. With Buddhism being notionally more pacifist than other religions this must have a back story.
        As yet I have not found the genesis of this conflict.
        There is plenty of background with the three religions above and their historic conflicts with Muslims. Buddhist, Muslim conflicts are less well known.
        The letter above fits in with the book “Easy Meat” and some statements of convicted CSE gang members.
        It is a good contribution to a national scourge.


        • It seems there has been a long running Muslim insurgency with lots of murders.
          The government there has gone in for a bloody response and the insurgents have fled claiming victim status.
          Similar pattern where Muslims are a large minority


  3. I’m sceptical about this statement released by the religious sub groups.

    ‘it’s not just white girls who fall victim’. What a crazy bunch of religious zealots, what do they mean by this statement, that apart from hindu, sikh and Pakistani Christian girls.

    ‘but neither can we ignore the fact that victims of sexual grooming gangs are almost always non-Muslim’
    Somehow I don’t believe that to be a true statement, I would put my money on the most vulnerable children in a place setting ‘Street grooming’.

    Damage limitation seams to be on the cards, by their released statement it is becoming clearer that the whole world is going mad.

    What were these groups saying until recent history, stop calling the perpetrators Asian, but that is exactly what they are, walk like a duck quack like a duck …!

    I have said it before, that 2.3% of referrals (Jay/Casey) from Rotherham social services are shown to be CSE (of which majority Pakistani heritage), can anyone tell me please what the other 97.7% of the referrals are!

    (2.3% = 1400 what does 97.7% =?)

    Andrew Norfolk article. Ms Champion stressed that gang-related sexual exploitation was one of many models of child abuse, that 90 per cent of all abuse happened within the child’s extended family and that the vast majority of convicted abusers were white men, usually acting alone. I wouldn’t mind asking Sarah Champion, is this the case in Rotherham.

    One thing for sure!
    Sikhs have abusive priests.
    Hindus have abusive priests.
    Christians have abusive priests.
    Why is it so difficult for people to apprehend the same can be true for Imams.

    All followers of religion and none are abusive people, or is it simply a matter of abusive people are abusive, no matter what they profess to be.

    We can see street grooming, it’ll probably be Asian in colour.

    The actual accounts mentioned by NSPCC, Barnardos is 33% of all sexually exploited children are exploited by PEERS, other children.

    Let’s concentrate on bringing child abuse to a full stop, rather than giving it names and oxygen.


      • Poetmorgan I am judging the book by its cover.

        If historically Jack Straw gave ‘easy meat’ the credibility that you are implying.

        And the book Easy Meat is a term of acceptance for reality, then you are easily led astray, if you believe that easy meat itself is the whole truth. Please Poetmorgan then I can see why the victims of child sexual exploitation have been silenced historically.

        I have total disgust for this term ‘easy meat’ what are people subsequently implying, that the butchers shops are run by local authorities, who the hell is supposed to be looking after vulnerable children.


        • All the books referenced here are worth reading. Book by victims paint similar pictures. Easy Meat is not by a victim. It is an overview written through independent research
          Obviously it ought be treated like all books that is with critical care.
          However, I find rejection of research because of a title of a book may lack objectivity! Whatever!


        • Research based on what, the real truth is emerging Poetmorgan.

          Either the victims have been systematically failed by local authorities the length and breadth of the country, or the failings are intrinsically linked to the safeguarding fraternity.

          How else are we to find any peace for victims.

          Would there be any particular abuse models, if they weren’t allowed to continue unabated.


    • Hotspot, when British Muslim youth wrote a piece condemning the rape of children, was that also damage limitation?
      All rapist should be castrated then given a very long sentance preferably on a normal wing


      • Totally with your stance on British Muslim Youth view point, it’s very interesting that all the spokespersons are infatuated with, ‘look it wasn’t me’.

        This in itself does not help give confidence to victims of abuse to come forward, whether it is children from the Sikh, Hindu and Pakistani communities, in all the accredited works on child protection, the one thing that is paramount is the children who have been abused in these communities also have additional problems namely being ‘no longer marriage material’. I’m also suspecting that the same children are subjugated to ‘forced Marriages’.


    • Despite being a significant user of LA resources and representative on LSGB and other groups, can anyone tell me what Barnardo’s actually does? It seems they have been ominous by their silence and lack of direction for years.


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