Segregated Communities a ‘Breeding Ground’ for Homegrown Terrorism, Says Senior Counter-Terror Officer

Segregated communities are “breeding grounds” for Islamic extremism, and the risk of attack from overseas has been replaced by the threat posed by homegrown terrorists, a senior counter-terrorism officer has said.

Addressing the Police Superintendents’ Association annual conference, Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said: “The threat was the traveller or the returning fighter, who was battle-hardened and even angrier, but now it’s the threat in our midst,” reports the BBC.

Mr. Basu also said that unregulated schools were “breeding grounds” for Islamic extremism, noting there is a “definite problem in segregated and isolated communities and with what I think is an even more extreme second generation”.

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UK terror threat level severe ‘for at least five years’

The senior UK counter-terrorism officer at Scotland Yard has warned the terror threat level will remain at severe for at least the next five years.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said the risk posed to the UK from terrorists was “an unknown threat in our midst”.

He warned isolated communities and unregulated schooling in the UK were a “breeding ground” for extremism.

There are currently about 600 active counter-terrorism investigations.

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5 thoughts on “Segregated Communities a ‘Breeding Ground’ for Homegrown Terrorism, Says Senior Counter-Terror Officer

  1. There is a consensus that the Prevent Program could not be better designed to destroy community cohesion, fragment communities, and target arbitrary groups according to a pre-set agenda. The reason for the determination to effect total government control at neighbourhood level has been prevalent for at least 20 years and is predicated upon fear – fear of loss of control, fear of loss of ‘native culture’, in effect, Islamophobia and racism at the core of the governing elite institutions. This not to say that there are no disruptive elements within the target communities, and it is for these communities, so as to enhance integration and diversity, to expunge the exploiters, the false-flag flyers, and those hypocritically using Islam as though a protective shield.


    • It depends!
      When Sarah Champion wrote in the Sun that ““London is not representative of the UK and it’s definitely not representative of the North of England in relation to race,” she said. “Rotherham and many post-industrial towns are still segregated.” she was spot-on.
      I spend a lot of time in both London SE4 and KT1, and Asian immigrant communities are far more integrated there, with no requirement on their part to accept our West European norms.
      Just go here and follow the links to see the attitudes of London SE4:
      – right through to the Just Giving page.
      Nowhere do the sites feel the need to say that the owner and his brother were utterly devout Muslims from Gujerat whose parents migrated first to Dar-es-salaam and then later to London.


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