Rotherham CSE Independent Investigations Reports

The Reports:

Overview, or the spin.

Read it here:

Investigation into the Performance, Practice and Conduct of Senior Employees of the Council over the period of the Jay Report (1997-2013) and further highlighted in the Corporate Governance Inspection report made by Louise Casey (February 2015) (Gowling Solicitors)

Executive Summary:

Full Report:

Independent Investigation – Review of Cases A to O referred to in the Jay Report (Independent Consultant)


Audit Investigation into the Alleged Removal of Files and Impairment of Computer Records – April 2002


Audit Investigation into Missing Minutes from Meetings of the Key Players’ Group – Late 1990s to 2003/04


Audit Investigation – Theft of 21 Laptops from Norfolk House, Rotherham: 26th October 2011 – Review of the Council’s Response


Report into Rotherham Taxi Licensing and Enforcement Service – 2010 to the Present (Weightmans LLP)

Executive Summary:



Webcast of meeting:

Now available to watch any time using the link above.

Readers may wish to refer to the Jay and Casey Reports, which are referred to in the above reports and much mention was made of them during the course of Wednesday’s meeting.

Click on the images below to read them yourself:

12 thoughts on “Rotherham CSE Independent Investigations Reports

    • Not that I know of – and I’m assuming that you mean a text commentary rather than someone signing.
      I’ll dig deeper.It would be good to have.


    • Rothpol
      Has RMBC answere your qurseion about a transcript for the deaf?
      It prides itself u[on diversity yet some of us disabled are left completely out of the loop it seems.
      Could someone at RMBC answer this question please?


  1. Suggestion to Government and their austerity measures carried out by council

    Why should the public pay for the councils failures, gross negligence towards the victims and the coverup and collusion.
    It should not impact further on the cuts to services and jobs?
    The cllrs past and present from the period should be forced to pay for all the inquiries and investigations from their own pockets rather than council tax payers and service users.
    That may focus their minds?


    • ‘The cllrs past and present from the period should be forced to pay for all the inquiries and investigations from their own pockets rather than council tax payers and service users.’
      I agree 100%. However the report does say the former councillors and officers who failed their
      duties will not have to forfeit any or part of their taxpayer funded pensions.

      £4440k and a few trees to tell us seeing nothing and saying nothing is OK in RMBC land.


      • Morality is beyond them.

        It would require legislation but agree its unlikely to get some MPs support or the establishment.

        Covering each others backs.

        So let the public carry the can and suffer continued job losses and service cuts.


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