Sarah Champion: Rotherham abuse scandal reports “a missed opportunity”

ROTHERHAM MP Sarah Champion (pictured) has branded six reports published today into Rotherham’s child sex abuse scandal a “wasted opportunity” to allow the town to move forward as they did not hold any individuals to account.

The reports, being discussed at Rotherham Town Hall this afternoon, include one saying no former officer should face disciplinary action over how the council let down hundreds of children who were groomed and abused, mainly by men of Pakistani backgrounds, between 1997 and 2013.

Ms Champion said: “I had hoped that today’s publication of the reports into Rotherham Borough Council (RMBC) preventing child sexual exploitation would draw a line under the catalogue of errors that led to our children being let down so badly by those supposed to protect them.

“However, despite these huge failures, leading to at least 1,400 victims being let down, it appears that no individual at RMBC has yet been held to account for their role.

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YP Letters: Why won’t more MPs speak out over grooming of children?

From: Ged Dempsey, Wentworth & Dearne Constituency Labour Party.

WELL done to MP Sarah Champion.

She was right to issue a detailed report to the Guardian and also to the respected news reporter Andrew Norfolk who has led the excellent investigative journalism on the CSE grooming in Rotherham and other towns.

However, like many, I do not accept her writing for the Murdoch newspapers, as some of her MP colleagues also do. It is a pitiful excuse and poor judgement over those papers and their odious track record.

She is ill-judged to tarnish the “floppy left” with her comments. Many of those who failed and said nowt are certainly not on the left of our party or politics!

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23 thoughts on “Sarah Champion: Rotherham abuse scandal reports “a missed opportunity”

  1. As a labour member, i find the reports a whitewash and it brings our democracy into disrepute.

    The victims have again been let down by the council and the authors of this so called sham report that seems more about defending the officers and cllrs failures to safeguard young people of our town……not me guv!

    Sarah Champion is spot on with her views.
    Lets hope other MPs find their voices on this episode.

    The taxpayers no doubt have to pay the bill for these inane reports.

    Its time for people to face accountability


  2. This sham has cost local taxpayers £440,000 for what? A whitewash report that names Thacker amongst others and then goes on to protect some of the other guilty parties by referring to them as ‘Individual A/B’ etc but they cannot be questioned or charged. Really?
    SYP failed to complete their investigations into the theft of 21 laptops yet they can find enough evidence to convict some people of ‘historic’ sex crimes. How does that work?

    Sarah Champion can spout all she likes. She’s a newcomer to all this. It was happening while she was working at Bluebell Wood and she has no prior personal knowledge of CSE. She says what she has to say IMV. That is not a criticism of her current speech but her words,like those of this report do not address the anguish of those affected by CSE.
    The victims of CSE have been badly let down. Again.This pretence at justice makes a mockery of our supposed support for the underdog.

    RMBC should be renamed the ‘Dulux’ council. It is not the first time buckets of whitewash have appeared in Rotherham When Things Look Sticky. The End.


    • Suggestion to Government and their austerity measures carried out by council

      Why should the public pay for the councils failures, gross negligence towards the victims and the coverup and collusion.
      It should not impact further on the cuts to services and jobs?
      The cllrs past and present from the period should be forced to pay for all the inquiries and investigations from their own pockets rather than council tax payers and service users.
      That may focus their minds?


    • Colin, whilst I have many reservations about Sarah Champion MP, she is the only national politician critical of RMBC. I respect her for that.


      • RR
        You must have a short memory. When Sarah Champion was Chief Executive of Bluebell Hospice, she was also a member of the Rotherham Local Safeguarding Board (LSB) and during its Serious Case Reviews.

        Of course, she knew all about CSE going back years. She’s done her typical and usual trick by bagging a media opportunity by waiting until information is in the public domain then claim the credit and the camera lens..


  3. I am embarrassed to work for RMBC. Nothing has, nor will ever change. Preaching transparency and honesty to the lower orders from people who are incapable of either. The leaders just want to take the money and run. They are a disgrace to humanity.


    • Disgusting but predictable outcome.

      The victims continue to get no justice.

      Squandered almost £500k on bogus, worthless sham reports to cover up and whitewash again.

      The officers and cllrs have colluded and covered up. They show no remorse for their failures and incompetence.

      No one has integrity or guts to stand up and be counted.

      They are a stain on the party, our town and decency.


      • Ged 500k well spent then!

        Jay said work from the late 1990’s till 2002

        Missing files 2002?

        Result found, conclusion no one else but the sub group had the minutes and files.

        But this is what was actually found!
        If the subgroup lost all minutes through a break in, in 2002, when found it was a box set from late 2000 (as the report suggests the first meeting minutes and files), and all the way through to 2004 …. How is this even possible?

        I’m beginning to suspect that the whistleblowers will have a lot of explaining to do, it maybe a reason why funding payments have been stopped too.

        Conspiracy coverup seems to be a fantasy, too many people involved.


        • I recognise that you know what you are talking about, but please try and explain things in far more detail, please! Your comment above just lost me.


        • RR these missing files were in the scope of, ‘missing’ files and pointing to ‘coverup’, as reference to the Jay report.

          The missing minutes report part of the new reports, acknowledges although no one but the sub group (RB and others) was in keeping of the minutes, RMBC as a regulatory body should have (accountability), by some sort of miracle although they did not have any accounting of such, of the said files were discovered from files submitted to the police/NCA.


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