The “miserable silence” of those who refused to take part in Rotherham CSE inquiry

COUNCIL leader Chris Read accused past senior councillors and managers of a “miserable silence” after it emerged several refused to take part in the inquiry.

Some declined to be interviewed, some failed to respond to interview requests and others only responded in writing “on some points”.

Elected in 1988 and given an OBE for service government in 2009.
Quit leader role on day of Jay report and as a councillor three months later, having claimed £3,000 allowances without attending meetings or surgeries.
Accused of “living in a parallel universe” when he appeared before MPs to deny Jay report claims he fostered a “macho, bullying” culture.

Read on…,the-miserable-silence-of-those-who-refused-to-take-part-in-rotherham-cse-in_23747.htm

5 thoughts on “The “miserable silence” of those who refused to take part in Rotherham CSE inquiry

  1. Considering mr stone refused to speak to any inquiry he should now hand back or the power to be should take his obe and give it to someone worthy and if he and the others who refused to talk think us campaigners are going away think again because we will never stop until the girls and families get full justice and that means prosecutions of all the people what turned a blind eye and then have the cheek to refuse to give evidence we will not STOP


  2. Can the Mary ney circus panel give the tax payers money back you told us nothing new or nothing we already didn’t know and to call it a cock up is insulting to the girls and families disgusted


  3. Is there a list of all the officers and cllrs who refused to be interviewed or is that part of the whitewash too???

    Our other 2 sheepish MPs are still claiming their cllrs and police never told them owt at their many meetings, briefings or soirees! Explains the silence!


  4. You can not make it up.
    Lets not forget that MPs and many cllrs and their flunkies still promoted and pushed shaun pinochio wright as labours pcc.

    Even though he kept the lid on the cse rapes and abuse on his watch.
    Was that his grubby reward?

    Was that part of ploy to keep things under wraps. It certainly wrecks their judgement.


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