Rotherham sex abuse survivors still seek answers after new reports published

Survivors of the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal say they fear they may never get the answers they want about what happened in the town after a new series of reports concluded no individual council staff can be brought to account.

Rotherham MP Sarah Champion said the publication of the six reports on Wednesday was a “completely wasted opportunity” after the reviews commissioned by Rotherham Council at a cost of £440,000 said neither senior managers nor individual social workers could be disciplined.

The reports were ordered in the wake of the 2014 Jay Report, which laid bare how more than 1,400 children were raped, trafficked and sexually abused in the town between 1997 and 2013 by gangs of men of largely Pakistani heritage.

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The Reports:

Overview, or the spin.

Read it here:

Investigation into the Performance, Practice and Conduct of Senior Employees of the Council over the period of the Jay Report (1997-2013) and further highlighted in the Corporate Governance Inspection report made by Louise Casey (February 2015) (Gowling Solicitors)

Executive Summary:

Full Report:

Independent Investigation – Review of Cases A to O referred to in the Jay Report (Independent Consultant)


Audit Investigation into the Alleged Removal of Files and Impairment of Computer Records – April 2002


Audit Investigation into Missing Minutes from Meetings of the Key Players’ Group – Late 1990s to 2003/04


Audit Investigation – Theft of 21 Laptops from Norfolk House, Rotherham: 26th October 2011 – Review of the Council’s Response


Report into Rotherham Taxi Licensing and Enforcement Service – 2010 to the Present (Weightmans LLP)

Executive Summary:



Webcast of meeting:

Now available to watch any time using the link above.

Readers may wish to refer to the Jay and Casey Reports, which are referred to in the above reports and much mention was made of them during the course of Wednesday’s meeting.

Click on the images below to read them yourself:


12 thoughts on “Rotherham sex abuse survivors still seek answers after new reports published

  1. All the people who refused to give evidence to any of the inquiries should face prosecution and if they think us campaigners are going to stop or go away well we not we want prosecutions and will not stop until we get them even if it take next 20 years the 1400 girls and families will never give in until we get full justice these workers of rmbc what quite played there part in the abuse of theses children they could have helped to stop it


  2. Please could the Mary ney circus panel give the tax payers money back you told us nothing new or nothing we didn’t already know and to say it was a cock up is insulting to the girls and families disgusted


  3. Yes to get justice we will need a credible forensic investigation of cllrs, officials, politicians and the police who are all covering each others backs.


  4. The incestuous coverup is also based on cronyism and patronage.

    Those who have benefitted from inducements/bribes/rewards/bungs
    Those who have got plum jobs or positions on council or police
    Look at those who have been looked after in getting on committees or chairs/vice chairs

    Those given junkets, jollies, away days, oversea trips or days at races?

    Look at the sheep.
    Those that have took the money as cllrs, said little or nowt or not asked questions but put their hands up.

    Examine those and the flunkies over years put on arms length comms like police, fire, regen, schools, housing, coalfields and the quangoes etc


  5. Then look at those who have said nowt for fear of threats, intimidation or skeletons in their cupboard.

    Need to investigate the whips and key players who are likely to know where the bodies are buried in this cesspit.


  6. Why are the MPs so quiet?
    Is it an admission of guilt.

    Maybe its the house of cards,
    They know if they squeel then the cllrs, officers, police and others will squeel back and they will be implicated in the coverup and who knew what?


  7. You can not make it up.
    Lets not forget that MPs and many cllrs and their flunkies still promoted and pushed shaun pinochio wright as labours pcc.

    Even though he kept the lid on the cse rapes and abuse on his watch.

    Was that part of ploy to keep things under wraps. It certainly wrecks their judgement.


  8. A demand must be made to the leader to request that elected members still on the council are required to own up to what they knew. The list of names was identified by Jay and also published in the local paper. If they will not testify they must as a minimum resign. Currently they use the collective excuse that they do not remember the seminar they attended and that Jay made clear that after attendance they could no longer say they were unaware of what was happening. In a recent article in The Times a local MP asks if they all knew what was happening why did they not do anything.


  9. EVERY employee and EVERY councillor, during the period 1997 to 2013, MUST make a full and complete statement of their knowledge and understanding of what was happening. They must also name who they knew also knew. They must provide details of their actions at the time, who they shared their thoughts and knowledge with, and provide EVERY document that they possess or can locate that relate to the CSE. Unless and until ALL is produced, and PUBLISHED, the suspected Common Purpose cover-ups will continue. Petition anyone ?


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