The serious questions start!

Ged Fitzgerald was at Rotherham until 2003, after which Mike Cuff took over and he started to review the strategic and operational management of the Council’s finances.

Andrew Bedford (Acting Director of Education Culture and Leisure) was seconded to work with Mike Cuff for a 12 month period after which he assumed the role of Section 151 Officer.

Andrew Bedford left the Council in 2012, after unspecified allegations were made about his behavior in the workforce, the Council refused to give a reason but did confirm that his departure was not linked to “issues of financial probity”

Yorkshire Post reported “Exclusive: Mystery as to Rotherham finance chief quits”.

Could it be that Andrew Bedford had exposed the massive overspend in RMBC due to caring for children?

Can it be speculated that RMBC simply never had the money allocated as required to properly investigate and appropriately deal with CSE issues in Rotherham?

The pressure to cover up and minimize the CSE in Rotherham would have been immense.This would also have put intense psychological stress on the Section 151 Officer (Andrew Bedford),whose workplace behaviour could have been affected.

Could an explanation be that RMBC put its financial liabilities above that of the safety and welfare of the abused children and in turn this would expose senior politicians to severe reputational damage?

It very much appears as through the proper recruiting procedure was not adopted for the position Andrew Bedford took up, ie Section 151 Officer, presumably because no new blood was wanted to upset the apple cart.

Andrew Bedford deserves to be given the opportunity to give his side of the story.


8 thoughts on “The serious questions start!

  1. Let’s not forget who was Leader during Fitzgerald time as CEO Mark Edgell who stood down and took a lucrative job with the LGA
    I don’t beleive I have seen his name in any reports ?


    • His name Caven in the main SUBSTANTIVE REPORT, and is mentioned twice.

      Once as;
      Mark Edgell (ME): former Leader of Rotherham Council (2000 – 2003);

      And as;
      “we were able to speak to
      Mark Edgell”

      We found Dr Sonia Sharp half way around the world, only now to be told from the same SUBSTANTIVE REPORT:

      4.8 c
      In our view Dr Sharp was well seized of the
      problem, ensured that there were resources and information available to assist in a meaningful response and the matter remained prominent. We make no criticism of her leadership concerning the Council’s response to CSE.

      I don’t understand where you are going with your assumptions Caven!


  2. Andrew Bedfords resignation from RMBC was nothing to do with finances, it was purely his personal behaviour.

    Bringing Bedford into this is to take a wrong direction. There is plenty more to investigate.


  3. Andrew Bedford had notoriously busy fingers and a sharp tongue. That fateful day both collided and the recipient of said busy fingers (and her boyfriend) refused to be bullied and bribed, putting the higher ups in a difficult position.

    After a few tense days he was told he was bang to rights and had the option to be pushed or to jump. If he jumped, it’d be into a large pile of cash.

    But, which councillors wanted to keep busy-fingers Bedford at all costs, including discrediting and pushing out the victim of the piece under a Rotherham Council shaped bus?


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