Wow 10,000 signatures in only 2 days! Thank You

10 Sep 2017 — Thank you to everyone for all your support, it really means so much and please keep sharing.

To the mum’s of victims who have signed, thank you so much, and please know that we survivors are here for you.

To all those people still conveniently in denial, despite prosecutions in 16 towns so far. NO, WE WILL NOT SHUT OUR MOUTHS!


You were able to take away our voices when we were vulnerable children, but you definitely won’t take them away now that we are adults!

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14 thoughts on “Wow 10,000 signatures in only 2 days! Thank You

  1. What this needs is everyone involved jailed, taxi company’s used shut down, people named and shamed, promises kept to victims, targeted area made to feel safe again. Show that this will not be allowed to happen again,


    • Trouble is some of those named cannot be shamed for they are shameless: Stone, Wright, and Akhtar. The latter I understand is on the Haj in Mecca. He might be praying to get his taxi license back. If he does manage to escape criminal charges is there any possibility civil proceedings (where the conviction is on probabilities rather than reasonable doubt) could be brought for collusion?


  2. I have signed and spread the word. But we never had an official response from 3650 signatures presented to the Chief constable of SY to keep Dinnington police station opened. He then ducked a presentation at Rother Valley college and sent his assistant and didn’t even advise our group when it would be.


      • No one should tell the victims who have been through so much to shut their mouths.
        MP Naz Shar should be ashamed to make such a comment, but sadly some petitions simply do not carry the weight that some of the signatories think they do.


        • Mal,
          Your comments above made me think of that old Bob Dylan song “Just Like Tom Thumb:s Blues”, and the lines that go:
          “When you’re lost in the rain in Juarez when it’s Easter time, too
          And your gravity fails and negativity don’t pull you through”
          ( I’m playing it on youtube now! )
          What I’m trying to say is that one really has to stay positive that change can be achieved. It takes time, it takes effort, but it is needed, so one must never ever give up.
          As Samuel Beckett once put it:
          “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”



  3. Signed ! and I am forwarding it on to everyone I know thru facebook, emails, word of mouth everyone needs to do the same. Show this self serving set of pigs in the trough that we have running our town ( and I don’t mean the groomers here ) that we don’t accept a whitewash that was bought and paid for by the very same people that wanted the result they got, ( talk about putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank eh ) and to rub salt in to wounds paid for with our money. Come on everyone lets put our children first which is more than the Rotherham Labour Party have ever done


  4. RR: Thank you for those pearls of wisdom, but rather than being negative or positive about a situation it’s surely better to be realistic. You may call me a cock-eyed optimist, but I along with thousands of others in Rotherham would like to see a long overdue change of the ruling party on the council (as a Labour party member I don’t expect you to agree) but when two-thirds of the electorate of this town do not vote, is this likely to happen?


    • mal,
      I may be a member of the Labour party, but I have never voted for my local MP Kevin Barron, and have no time for the deadbeats of the local council, my membership relates purely to the national agenda.

      “two-thirds of the electorate of this town do not vote” – you sure about that?

      Turn-out at 2015 National Election
      Rotherham: 59.37%
      Rother Valley: 63.3%
      Wentworth and Dearne: 58.14%
      All slightly lower than the national average of 65.8% – and the trends of that are interesting and tell quite a story of their own.:

      A change of ruling party will make no positive difference, I’ve lived most of my life in Tory and council areas, I found the LibDems in KIngston, Surrey fine and responsive, but then it went all wrong for them ( ), and now there is a really hopeless Tory Council back in power.

      Time is what change takes, not wishfully wanting another party to take over.


      • RR: I thought it was obvious was that I referring to elections for the council where approximately two thirds don’t vote. The vote for the Dinnington ward earlier this year was less than 20%,
        Time is what change takes you say. We waited eighteen years for change during the Thatcher and Major governments and what did we get: Tony Blair, which resulted in no change for he’d well and truly bought into their politics.


  5. With regards to the comments of Naz Shar, just report the comments to the chair of the Parliamentary standards committee. He will be investigated. I am quite sure Sir Kev would take up the mantle of a full investigation, and at last stand up and say something about CSE. Whilst Saint Sarah spoke up and was sacked, note the silence from both Kev and John.


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