Ministers ‘incompetent’ over Wakefield academies collapse – MPs

YORKSHIRE MPs have accused the Government of “incompetence” over the collapse of an academy chain leaving questions over the future management of 21 schools.

Education Secretary Justine Greening faced calls for a review of the academy model after Wakefield City Academies Trust announced it was withdrawing its support from the schools on Friday.

Wakefield MP Mary Creagh told the Commons the collapse of the trust came as a “bolt from the blue” for parents and children at the schools affected. But Ms Creagh also pointed to a report leaked last year on the trust’s multi-million pound deficit and the thousands of pounds it had paid to an education consultant.

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Wakefield City Academies Trust pulls out of 21 schools

A trust which runs 21 schools has announced it is pulling out in the first week of the new term. Wakefield City Academies Trust (WCAT) said it was unable to “facilitate the rapid improvement our academies need, and our students … Continue reading

MP urges minister to step in and support Sheffield school after academy trust pulls out

The Government needs to step in to provide action and support to a Sheffield school after an academy trust pulled out of running it, a city MP has said.

Gill Furniss, MP for Brightside and Hillsborough, has penned a letter to Education Secretary Justine Greening after the Wakefield City Academies’ Trust pulled out of running 21 schools including Yewlands Academy in Parson Cross.

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1 thought on “Ministers ‘incompetent’ over Wakefield academies collapse – MPs

  1. Mary Creagh Wakefield MP is doing her usual bleating (‘nowt to do with me guv but is the camera in focus?’) and expoiting the limelight despite 7 x MATs (one of which was WCAT) being identified by the Chief Inspector Ofsted Sir Michael Wilshaw, nearly a year ago.

    Silence from Ed Millipede who is the Mexborough MP as well as John Healey MP who has Brookfield primary school on his patch. Silence too from Yvette Cooper MP Pontefractand on it goes..

    Healey’s wife, Jackie Bate is involved with Ashwood Road school trustees under the Wickersley Partnership Trust. Of course owing to possible conflicts of interest, they will all remain silent…….

    WCAT was appearing in the national press well over a year ago and being investigated by the DfE since then but not a murmur from anyone and no mention of the pupils and parents who are the real victims in the privatisation of educationusing public funds..

    Ed Balls and Tony Bliar set up the appalling academy system which has allowed nothing short of carpet baggers to exploit the public purse(and assets like school buildings and playing fields), all the while enabling obscene salaries to feed the greed of Academy managers. Gove expanded academisation and the rest is history.

    Look carefully at WCAT’s financial returns including massive reserves and the payment of huge sums to relatives. No wonder the DfE is trying to keep the lid on this. No doubt there will be many others that come to the same end. WCAT needs fully investigating.

    PFI financial burdens and gross underperformance will banish schools to being orphaned in a wilderness as other MATs will not touch the likes of Mexborough with a bargepole.


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