Caroline Flint: Why Leave and Remain campaigners must ‘bury our differences and get on with it’

THERE is no doubt that Brexit poses a great number of challenges to the Government and to MPs of all parties, not least the challenge of replacing European Union laws and jurisdiction with equivalent UK laws and regulations under UK jurisdiction.

Government avoids defeat on second reading of EU Withdrawal Bill – but Tory MPs demand amendments That is the purpose of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill.

It is not really a repeal Bill; rather it is the “great adoption” Bill, as it incorporates a huge swathe of EU laws that the UK signed up to into UK law.

That is needed so that there will be a legal basis for a whole range of economic, environmental and social activity on the day after we leave the EU in March 2019. For that reason,

I do not regard the Bill as hugely controversial — it would be different if it were to abolish workers’ rights, abandon paid holidays and end pollution controls, but it does not. However, it is undoubtedly the case that the Bill needs amending.

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4 thoughts on “Caroline Flint: Why Leave and Remain campaigners must ‘bury our differences and get on with it’

  1. Flint is the worst kind of hypocrite.
    She said yesterday in the Brexit Bill debate “I have never broken the whip at all but I do believe that in respecting the outcome of the referendum, in respecting what I said to my electors in a general election just a few months ago.
    “It’s important that we get on with the job of making sure we can have as smooth an exit from the European Union as possible.
    She then abstained in the commons vote.
    She does not have the courage of her convictions and is probably scared of the left wing bully boy trolls who infest Twitter.

    Abstention is a fudge.


    • Perhaps you should go and visit her twitter feed before you made your comment.
      Few people seem interested in her vote, whilst she tweeted:
      “Don’t agree with you. For the record I abstained but 7 Labour MPs including Dennis Skinner voted in favour.”
      …and her daughter tweeted:
      “Nice to see the amount of vitriol aimed at my mum for abstaining tonight’s vote and the lack thereof aimed at Dennis Skinner.” – along with a gif of a few seconds of an old Jon Stewart – a humorous US political commentator TV program – over-written with the words – “Sexism: does it still exist”

      An ugly use of twitter by Flint and her daughter – and that reference to sexism was simply inappropriate, IMHO.
      Skinner actually got a whole lot of negative comment on his twitter feed.
      In practical terms, there was minimal difference between abstaining and voting in favour.
      As a “remainer” I am unimpressed by each of them.

      – and I only went to look at all their feeds because of your comment – otherwise, I seldom/never visit twitter.


    • @rr
      I wouldn’t give Twitter or the morons who infest the time of day. I have no need to.
      Flint talked up the reasons why MP’s should support the Bill being discussed and voted on then she refused to vote (Abstention. (Parliamentary Procedure) the act of withholding one’s vote)
      Deciding not to vote in favour of a Bill she supported is hypocrisy IMV.


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