Sansome: I was a henchman for Jahangir Akhtar & Roger Stone

It is remarkable how much can change in a few years.

From Roger Stone’s ISTC and labour party enforcer, to survivors best friend.



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31 thoughts on “Sansome: I was a henchman for Jahangir Akhtar & Roger Stone

  1. A colleague of mine informed me ex. Councillor Roger Stone and Mr Sansome were both in the Boat Inn at Sprotbro for a quiet chat about 2 weeks ago. I did wonder what bus they caught together to get there because neither own a car.


  2. He is still covering for his mates you better believe it. Worthless waste of space and blairite trash sooner we kick him out the better.


    • Roger was ISTC president and sansome is on the Community Union executive committee. Samsome will do now what he has alas done– what he is bloody told!


  3. On the second photo, councillor sansome is situated between Akhter and Ali on the bottom row and just below the watchful eyes of Roger Stone and Paul Lakim on the top row. Judge a man by the company he keeps.


  4. Stuart Sansome is one of the best Councillors people have had in him all you like .he has got more things done .and he will put him self about for the community He will know Roger Stone .and Akhtar he is in the Labour party why do people have to try and rubbish him .


  5. The police and crime commissioner after previous failings should be able to reject people like Sansome from going on the panel, totally unsuitable appointment and a lackey of stone.

    What sensitive information is going back to Roger Stone ?


    • Hes a liability to town feeding back to his mates, get him out, roll on the election.

      Where is he at full council, never goes to meetings, sits on hos phone all ward meeting, complete waste ofnspace.


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