Police: “Insufficient evidence” for new Rotherham Council abuse scandal investigation

SOUTH Yorkshire Police has ruled out a new investigation into former council managers and councillors over the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal — despite more than 16,000 people backing calls for a fresh probe.

An abuse survivor known as Elizabeth launched a petition demanding a fresh criminal investigation after law firm Gowlings concluded no individual should face disciplinary action over the failings highlighted in the Jay and Casey reports of 2014 and 2015.

Six reports were published two weeks ago and described “systemic failure” in Rotherham but said no officer or councillor appeared to be responsible for the local authority failing to get to grips with grooming and abuse during the 1997 to 2013 period covered by the Jay Report.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/view,police-insufficient-evidence-for-new-rotherham-council-abuse-scandal-invest_23912.htm

19 thoughts on “Police: “Insufficient evidence” for new Rotherham Council abuse scandal investigation

  1. Well , there’s a surprise. Those idiots at SYP couldn’t investigate their own navel.
    It really is time that laughing stock of a “police force” was disbanded, and something more effective put in place – maybe call in The Minnions ?


  2. Any systemic failure in any organisation can only ever be the result of bad management and where that ‘bad management’ amounts to, and results in, the perpetration and continuation of criminal activity, the blame lies squarely and only with management. Therefore the ‘directors’ i.e. the most senior management individuals who are paid eye-watering salaries because of the responsibilities they carry, are the ones who should be made accountable – er, unless of course, those same directors appoint some mealy-mouthed consultants, who receive eye-watering fees, to say otherwise.


    • What about the Councillors who knew of this and stopped discussion?
      What about the Police who had direct evidence yet failed to make enough arrests?
      What about the Police who lost crucial evidence?
      and yes, those paid council managers who failed in their duty should be held to account


  3. Labour Councillors, Labour Police Commissioner
    Labour MPs Labour controlled South Yorkshire
    Why are we not surprised
    They are all putting two fingers up to the electorate
    Put their heads in the sand
    Hoping it will all go away
    Knowing they will all be re- elected


  4. Just look at the article in Private Eye about the law firm Rotherham engaged to do what was laughingly called an independent review, they are famous for getting councils off the hook. They chuck more white wash around than any decorater. This is what the illustrious leader calls open and transparent politics. They deliberately engaged this company because of their reputation for hiding the truth, nothing at all has changed at Rotherham. How can one of the authors of one these reports state that child Es case is the worst she has seen in her forty years in social work; then state no individual is culpable. Rotherham has done what Casey accused them of, they are good at writing reports that they do nothing with.
    Dave Smith


    • Agree dave as a labour member its a disgrace, whitewash and coverup. We need an independent judicial inquiry. No confidence in those covering each others backs all wY down the line.


    • ….. so no-one was to blame because the whole organisation was so shambolic that it wasn’t possible to hold one senior officer to account. Nor was it possible to hold any front line social worker to account because the system around them was so shambolic – poppycock.
      As a qualified social worker each one should have known how important record keeping was and if it was that bad they should have complained about it until someone listened including blowing the whistle outside the organisation if needed.
      Qualified Social Workers must be registered to keep their registration up to date. I presume this is similar to Nurses registration – my friend regularly has to prove she is fit to be a registered Nurse by submitting evidence for revalidation and without this, including references from Managers, she cannot keep her registration. I wonder how some of them continued to keep their registration…………


  5. Noticeable silences from Barron, Champion and Healey about the ‘Nobody is guilty’ whitewash-in complete contrast to Louise Casey’s report- which was a waste of £440,000 of our money.
    Questionable ethics from solicitors protecting liars..


  6. I don’t know about Healey, but Barron and Champion are only there to enjoy the status, power, limelight and hard cash. They don’t have any real concerns about anything, (except for Barron’s preoccupation with stopping people smoking, which is not anything to do with concerns for his constituents, but is entirely due to his first wife dying of smoking related disease.). I have personally asked both to intervene on my behalf on a number of issues of corruption in their respective constituencies which have cost me in excess of £100,000 to-date, and they have both refused to even consider the issues. Since Barron at least is my MP, I am entitled to his consideration…but he’s too busy getting his mates into the New Year’s Honours lists and the like, to be bothered with people like me, who have been victims of his own corruption. As for solicitors with questionable ethics, is there any other kind?


  7. I think that SY police need investigating, to see how much they ignored the abuse of 1400 girls. SY police are not fit for purpose and need disbanding like Rotherham council. Large metropolitan police forces haven’t worked, they just make bigger gangos.


    • Hehehe! If you could read the report that SYP produced regarding my complaint from when they attacked me and brought a malicious prosecution, you would see just how corrupt the entire system is! The only real miracle from that time is that a judge saw through them and I was acquitted of their made-up charges. Nevertheless, they had the brass balls to bring the case to court in spite of having deliberately destroyed all evidence that they claimed existed and allegedly proved their case. The report is an eye-opener. It describes how a 60 year old, five foot tall woman (me), caused a 20-something female police constable and a thirty-something male police constable to feel so threatened (as the sixty year old was sitting in the corner behind a table, reporting a crime), that the female constable felt she had no choice but to pepper spray the sixty year old woman. The sixty year old woman of diminutive stature apparently then continued to fight off both of these young, physically fit officers as well as at least two more officers who arrived on the scene and immediately handcuffed the woman’s right hand. Apparently I was awesome!! I (allegedly) continued to to fight them, (with one hand), out into the corridor, and during this time, even though totally blinded by pepper spray, partly handcuffed and in intense pain, as well as being restrained by several male police officers, I was apparently (allegedly) able to home in on the female officer who had pepper sprayed me and attack her, by kicking her and trying to head butt her. The report (which is now with IPCC), then goes on to ensure that it mentions the availability of damning CCTV footage, and my terrible demeanour, (I’m not sure what demeanour is considered “normal” with a face full of pepper spray, maybe some reader can enlighten me?). I allegedly kept up this demeanour for several hours, while everyone around me were being as polite as they could possibly be in circumstances where I was (allegedly) behaving abominably and threatening everyone. In fact the CCTV footage from two police stations, which it was claimed throughout would prove the truth, was deliberately destroyed. Instead of producing real evidence at trial, they produced five liars. I had no witnesses but myself, to their five, yet the police report claims I was an unreliable witness. I don’t know what that makes them, since I was acquitted. I am an IT professional, CTC-cleared by the Home Office to work on Government projects, and have not been in trouble with the police my entire life. Nevertheless, this report dismisses my complaint, stating that there was insufficient evidence, (remember the CCTV footage?? remember the trial??) Something definitely needs to be done about SYP. I’m personally in favour of letting North Korea use them for target practice.


        • Thank you. You will be collecting more evidence if the IPCC don’t come up with the goodies, as I shall be publicly naming all concerned, name, rank and badge number! I shall also be very specific about the wrongdoing of each officer, so nobody is in any doubt about what happened that day. (…and so that nobody is in any doubt about the eight years or so of events that led up to that day!)


  8. Simple. One of the CSE victims just needs to make a complaint to the IPCC, that the PCC and the Chief Police Officer are refusing to investigate for political reasons. The IPCC will have to investigate.
    I still wonder why almost 3 or so years on, no official reports have been published into Police Officers conduct


  9. You have to hand it to SYP, they prove without a shadow of doubt that some organisations are just not fit for purpose.

    Did they base their decision on the reports prepared by a legal team that was unable to interview all of the key players resulting in a fundamentally flawed report, full of gaps and crucial evidence?

    If they did then the IPCC should investigate the Chief Constable for incompetence.

    Many would think that the new Chief Constable must had a screw loose for applying for the SYP post, not so, a few years to retirement a golden goodbye tax free lump sum and an index linked pension, head down don’t create any waves and the safety net of being able to blame the former Chief, corporate bliss!

    Now comes along the report into RMBC and the systematic abuse of 1400 children and what does his force do, kick it into the long grass and hope that the plebs do not have the nous to lodge a formal complaint with the IPCC.

    The step by step guide on how to lodge a complaint is set out on the IPCC website, it makes it easy for individuals to make their case and have the IPCC investigate the matter.

    Just one CSE victim making a complaint to the IPCC would start the wheels of justice rolling, more the better.


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