Rotherham and Derbyshire the links


Amanda Spielman: Ofsted Chief Inspector

C4 News


Police and Crime Commissioners: Derbyshire / Rotherham.

MP’s for Derbyshire & Rotherham.

I am sending important information to a range of individuals both nationally and local to this case. It raises major concerns about how historical abuse issues are dealt with and how whistleblowers are systematically demonised as organisations ‘go through the motions’ of procedures and protocol without actually doing anything.

I have attempted to engage with Derbyshire on this issue for over 17 years and with Rotherham since 2015.

I attach an overview of the facts of this case.

Email to Rotherham Managers:

Dear Mr Pearson & Mrs Kemp (and Mr Thomas), I will no longer communicate directly with you all given the terrible way you have  conducted yourselves. There are major problems here with transparency, openness and willingness to engage with serious issues of historical abuse, incompetence and duplicity.

I have communicated my whistleblowing that goes back over 17 years when a head of a children’s residential service was suspended for concerns relating to safeguarding. I have told you how he was promoted without interview or appropriate qualifications to a senior position, namely ‘Quality Protects’. Many staff in Derbyshire resigned in disgust at the time.

When Mr Thomas became head of service in Derbyshire (2011/12) I alerted him over the history to this case. The action he took was corrupt and unprofessional.

Since Mr Thomas took up the head of children’s services in Rotherham in 2015,  I have attempted to communicate with Mrs Kemp (CEO), Mr Pearson (Legal Dept), Mr Odell (Police lead officer CSE) all Commissioners (including Sir Derek Myers,  now discredited ex CEO of Kensington and Chelsea) and have copied Mr Thomas into all my communications.

The responses to my concerns have lacked professional curiosity and any degree of competence. I will seek answers to these questions by different means.  

My professional career has been blighted by this case. As a whistleblower I am no longer employable across the whole of South Yorkshire and beyond. This has had a dreadful impact on my life in all sorts of ways. However, I hope justice will prevail. I hope this story breaks, with difficult questions for senior staff in Derbyshire and Rotherham.

To conclude (yet again) I am a qualified and registered social worker with advanced practitioner status in relation to child sexual abuse. On this basis the lack of adherence to ‘Working Together’ guidance and sharing of information with me has been completely absent. I remain concerned that in Derbyshire there are historical abuse concerns  – most likely networks of male abusers have operated over many decades, yet Derbyshire and Rotherham have seen me as an unwelcome professional and both organisations have restored to terribly behaviour and corrupt practice.

None are worthy of public office.

Jim Wild

The Centre for Active and Ethical Learning

Courage & Transparency in a Harsh Climate

6 thoughts on “Rotherham and Derbyshire the links

  1. Yes, I totally recognise the behaviour described here against Mr Wild. I have had the same vileness perpetrated against me, by people in power positions who should not even be trusted to sweep streets. I fully support this communication, though in my first hand experience, OFSTED are as corrupt as the people who he complains about, and should be investigated themselves.


  2. Paddy, I agree wholeheartedly that there is nothing wrong with sweeping the streets, though people who chose to be employed sweeping the streets enjoy a total lack of the need to be qualified and suitably experienced to head up large public organisations, (and probably also enjoy a total lack of the vileness that seems to accompany such elevated people!)


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