Now unite behind One Yorkshire and make London listen

From: Coun Wayne Chadburn, Yorkshire Party, Thurlstone Road, Penistone, Sheffield.

IT is fitting that, on the 20th anniversary of the referendums in Scotland and Wales which led to devolved assemblies in Edinburgh and Cardiff, the death knell can be heard for the ‘devolution deal’ for South Yorkshire (The Yorkshire Post, September 19).

I’ve criticised Barnsley Council leader, Coun Sir Steve Houghton, on these pages in the past for pursuing this deal as I felt he was selling Barnsley and South Yorkshire short. It would therefore be churlish of me not to congratulate him on standing up to pressure from his colleagues in Sheffield and Rotherham as well as threats and intimidation from the Secretary of State Sajid Javid.

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3 thoughts on “Now unite behind One Yorkshire and make London listen

  1. I agree because what the Sheffield city region was going to be was the dictatorship of Sheffield, even Rotherham’s local plan is based around what Sheffield wants. We in Dinnington are to become a sattalite Town for Sheffield. I asked the question why was Sheffield involved in drawing up the sites and policy plan for Rotherham, answer came there none.
    Dave Smith


  2. Ok…..but given the utterly abysmal record of the Labour lot in Rotherham, as compared to how Sheffield City has progressed, I for one would like to see Rotherham taken into and governed from Sheffield. …but dream on.


  3. Since the original Sheffield City Region deal was agreed two Councils, Bassetlaw and Chesterfield, have withdrawn so the situation has materially changed. The question which needs asking is how much would each of the remaining authorities receive from the inward investment.


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