When a wheel fell off Emma Hoddinotts bandwagon

We all know the Hoddinott is as keen as mustard when it comes to campaigning, thats why she joins all the unions and stuff.

I’m not sure the detail about her time at RMBC stacks up on her linkedin CV though. Whoever wrote the entry has seemingly airbrushed over the fact she was forced to resign after being slammed in the casey report.

Neither does it mention her tenure as Roger Stones press secretary and her role in trying to suppress journalistic investigation into CSE failings at the council.

Funny that.

The Champion

Readers may wish to view more: https://rotherhampolitics.wordpress.com/tag/emma-hoddinott/

45 thoughts on “When a wheel fell off Emma Hoddinotts bandwagon

  1. Massive waste of taxpayers money and has brouht back bullying culture into the council if rumours are to be believed. How much has she spent on eastwood, its not getting her face in the papers so shes dropped it like a hot potato.


  2. She is a labour politician in Rotherham
    With. Licence to lie on CV’s or in the press
    Even in Court under oath
    They are Labour we can do as we like
    In Rotherham


  3. …. so her only current role is ‘Local Government Officer for the Cooperative Party’? No mention of a current Council role and her location is given as Bramley not Rotherham – is she too embarrassed to be linked to Rotherham?


    • You need to understand it like a business. The cooperative party is like a new facia because the unison one got too mucky. New cabinet role is a bit like being loaned the start up from your parents- so that doesnt get mentioned because “shes independently successful” and the word ‘Rotherham’just isn’t going to drag the punters in.


      • Good! But even so, it is a serious matter, concealment. Punishable with significant porridge too! 28 days is all the time permitted between acquisition of interest and declaration.


  4. The Co-operative Party
    believes that people will achieve more by working together than they can by working alone. It believes that through increased co-operation, we will achieve a sustainable future for our economy and society as a whole.
    It supports efforts to bring about the empowerment of individuals and communities, through co-operative self-help initiatives.
    It works to promote co-operative and mutual forms of economic, social and voluntary organisation, which are based on the principles of mutual ownership and democratic control.

    The Co-operative Party stands for:
    a sustainable economy and society
    a culture of citizenship
    socially responsible business

    Enterprise,Empowerment and Accountability?
    Perhaps Ms.Hoddinott can explain why the US hedge funds that now own the Co-op bank, without any protests from Co-op sponsored MP’s and councillors, channel their investments through off shore tax havens?
    Or why the most successful co-operative retailer-John Lewis-makes money and the Co-op has approximately 5% share of the market?
    Not very enterprising is it? Rather like Emma.


    • In the interwar years the coop was the big retailer. Its decline is consistent with it being a senile institution. Woolworths went the same way.
      No doubt its top management is riddled with cronyism. As for the party that has just been a cash cow for right wing Labour MPs
      They talk of a coop movement but have not been much use to any group trying to set up community enterprises like saving local post offices or pubs. Their existence, it seems to me actually obstructs such enterprise.
      All in all they are just a malignant chocolate teapot


  5. Unison rep my ar#e. Another burocrat and plastic position for her dodgy cv.

    We never saw her or her mentor healy on picket lines for nurses or junior docs at hospital.


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  9. She is like many local labour politicians all ego no capability but the voters elect her how does that happen?
    From the graduate mob those who can do, those like Emma who can’t become local politicians and blame everyone else for their failure. Ask KH.


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