Complaints handling “robust” claims South Yorkshire Police

SOUTH Yorkshire Police has defended its handling of complaints as “robust” after being criticised by a watchdog.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission listed the force as one of four nationally which had taken longer last year to resolve allegationsagainst itself every year for the past four years.

South Yorkshire received 607 complaints in 2016/7 — up five (one per cent) on the previous year — although the total number of allegations involved was down nine (one per cent) from 1,170 to 1,161.

Of 903 allegations finalised in 2016/7, just 61 per cent were resolved “locally” without further investigation, with 21 per cent leading to an investigation.

The average time to finalise complaint cases was 99 days.

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4 thoughts on “Complaints handling “robust” claims South Yorkshire Police

  1. What follows is not pleasant, but true. BOTH SYP and the IPCC are equally culpable when it comes to dealing with complaints. In this region the IPCC, SYP, LA and PCC are institutionally incestuous when damage limitation, political pragmatism, perception control, reputation management and self-interest are considered. They act together to suppress evidence that would be embarrassing. They fabricate, then the fabrications are defended – yes, ALL are liars, ALL are institutionally corrupt. Personal experience shows that they are incapable of telling the truth if to do so might portray them in a bad light. Even when the lies are proved, those same proven lies are used to defend the original complaint – of lying ! What we have in South Yorkshire is endemic and systemic corruption that is inextricably entwined into the culture of these institutions. THEY have NO PLACE in OUR society. It is time for outside intervention, before the lid blows off the boiling pot.


    • Though I largely agree, it may be slightly unfair to the IPCC. They actually investigate very few of the complaints and reviews they receive. The usual response is to declare a force PSD investigation into a complaint to be inadequate and instruct them to reinvestigate. If the response by the PSD was especially blatant in its incompetence/corruption then the IPCC might set the terms of the reinvestigation and demand a report at the end. Only if it seems likely that an officer has committed a criminal offence likely to result in prosecution rather than disciplinary will they manage the investigation and only in the most serious cases will they actually investigate a complaint themselves. As a result, in almost all cases where police failings/incompetence/corruption are alleged and result in further police failings/incompetence/corruption by PSD, the IPCC simply send it back to the same force to do all over again. Naturally the same lies, or even new lies, can be told and the IPCC will have no basis on which to challenge them.


  2. I am in full agreement with the comments above, but they had better buck the trend going forward, because if they don’t, I intend to open Pandora’s Box.


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