John Healey – Reports are really disappointing

I HAVE now had the chance to read the six independent reports published last Wednesday afternoon.

It’s nearly three years since these investigations were commissioned by Rotherham Council after the Jay report in 2014.

Since then, nothing has been more important to those who endured such terrible abuse — and to the town — than the delivery of justice and a full explanation of what went wrong. These reports sought to shed more light on failings in Rotherham Council and why those in positions of responsibility failed to protect those who were in their care and other victims of CSE.

Read on…,letter-reports-are-really-disappointing_23953.htm

8 thoughts on “John Healey – Reports are really disappointing

  1. ‘The council has my full backing for this work, and I will do what I can to make sure the improvements continue.’
    Healey supports councillors who were publicly damned as ‘Unfit For Purpose’.
    Nothing has changed Mr.Healey and the sooner you recognise that the sooner the victims might finally be able to claim proper justice.
    Healey’s article is a rehash of what was said by Barron and Champion-just soundbites.


  2. Put your money where your mouth is, the three amigos should meet with the Chief Constable and demand a police investigation into the failings of RMBC.

    Anything else is just froth.


    • As a labour member albion. you are spot on.

      We need a full public inquiry with rights to supeena and to go on oath.

      Actions speak louder than words or froth.


  3. White wash painted on white wash this is just mealy mouthed crap, instead just giving the survivors empty platitudes why doesn’t he get off his arse and do something. I spent through three and a half hours listening to this garbage coming out of the mouths of the jokes that were supposed to be independent investigators. Then watched one of the young women in tears telling them she thought they would get answers not a rehash of Jay. RMBC can’t change, they don’t have it in them to change.
    Dave Smith


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