Whatever happened to the Eastwood Deal?

A FOCUS on anti-social behaviour in Eastwood saw 2,200 warnings and 450 formal notices handed out — but residents say much more is needed.

Rotherham Borough Council launched its Eastwood Deal plan last summer, with South Yorkshire Police allocating a dedicated mini-force of four officers.

A total of 438 enforcement investigations have taken place and there have been 191 fines for litter.

Most of the formal notices were for private landlords breaching selective licensing rules, with several cases waiting to be heard in court.

Reports of fly-tipping are down ten per cent, the council said, but instances of general anti-social behaviour have risen.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/view,whatever-happened-to-the-eastwood-deal_23948.htm

6 thoughts on “Whatever happened to the Eastwood Deal?

  1. Swept under the carpet at the behest of the leader of the council. Emma hoddinott’s mismanagement and endless, pointless, emails have killed the department.

    She is protected by senior managers, the town solicitors and her councillor friends. Thats democracy!


  2. Likewise around the Dinnington allotments Rotherham council decided to write to all residents in the area asking them to clean up their gardens. This has miffed off the 95% whose gardens were OK. The worst gardens are still as they are and Rotherham council have taken no action to the best of my knowledge. Wouldn’t it have been easier for the council just to write to the residents who had fly tipped gardens? It’s time the people in the offices used some common sense and followed through with effective action.


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