LETTER: Those involved should pay for whitewash inquiries

THE latest Rotherham CSE whitewash reports protect the people who failed the victims by referring to them by a letter……it reads like an A to Z.

The whitewash is a disgusting but probably predictable outcome.

The victims have been let down yet again by the whitewash.

The victims continue to get no justice.

Together with the police, the council failed to inform the public of the risks and safeguard children for years.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/comment/view,letter-those-involved-should-pay-for-whitewash-inquiries_23973.htm

4 thoughts on “LETTER: Those involved should pay for whitewash inquiries

  1. Casey inspection, weird isn’t it, they could have done 3 more reports based on the following:

    “I would challenge lots of the Jay report, we feel bruised by it. Where is our right of reply? Who is fighting our corner People are rolling over and just accepting the report.” An officer

    “…the Social Care team didn’t recognise the 1400 number…The number of people
    who were victims or at real risk of CSE was much lower than was being portrayed.” An officer

    “Only in 2011 did I become aware of CSE as an activity, not even as an issue… the
    scale has come as a big surprise to me. The figures seem disproportionate with any other town that is actively looking for CSE.” A former senior officer


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