Yet another Rotherham town centre shop shuts its doors

A TOWN centre shop, which opened as part of a £100,000 scheme to revive Rotherham’s High Street, will move to Barnsley due to a lack of footfall.

Greeting cards, gifts and toys outlet Patchwork Pig was set up by Mary “Queen of Shops” Portas’ Portas Pilot project in 2011.

But it closed the doors to its High Street store for the final time yesterday in favour of a move to Silkstone.

A statement on its Facebook page said: “It hasn’t been an easy decision but I think we have reached a peak and can’t take it higher where we are now.

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4 thoughts on “Yet another Rotherham town centre shop shuts its doors

  1. It’s not all Rotherham’s fault (If you don’t mention the Moor in Sheffield)
    Most things can be bought online now, so there s a need to adapt and change (diversify and and add quality) As another card shop closers a Polish mini market opens…
    In order to compete you have to copy, expand on an idea and offer a more ambient environment for shopping. Even shopping at retail world in the rain means dashing from one cover to another.
    Rotherham needs to move “up market” by competing with the new quality standard that is already established everywhere that the free car park s full…
    (and that doesn’t mean bannng pound shops as they will be happier to be part of an overal package that offers more, for more…


  2. This officially marks the death of Rotherham Town Centre. It was only Patchwork and the sweet shop keeping it going. It’s now only fit for right-wing marching and drug addicts to wander around.

    RIP Rotherham Town Centre, killed by RMBC, September 28, 2017.

    I now call for ALL RMBC officers employed to support the town centre to be fired, they failed, and they failed miserably.


  3. It’s been obvious for years, the solution to Rotherham’s problems is to bulldoze everything but the “minster”, then extend Clifton Park and complete the “renaissance ” via a boundary change enabling all RMBC responsibilities to be taken over by Sheffield City Council. After all, shopping in Rotherham is roughly the equivalent of shopping in Attercliffe.


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