Sex abuse victims ‘failed’ by criminal payout scheme

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority is to be investigated over concerns it is failing child sex abuse victims, the Victims’ Commissioner has told 5 live Investigates.

Hundreds of people have been refused payouts since 2012, charities claim, many because they are deemed to have consented to abuse.

Barnardo’s and Victim Support said it was “devastating” vulnerable people.

The government said all victims should get the compensation they deserve.

The Ministry of Justice estimates around 30 cases a year have been refused compensation on consent grounds.

Figures from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), seen by the BBC, also show 180 child sex abuse victims have been refused compensation since 2015 because they lived with a family member who abused them.

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2 thoughts on “Sex abuse victims ‘failed’ by criminal payout scheme

  1. Its amazing how “law” and courts can twist things. “Consenting” to extreme and abusive prostitution for which the victims do not receive any payment for their “labor.”

    These “grooming” gangs are an integral part of the government. they operate with full government protection. I can tell you the government must surely be getting some good money from this outrageous criminal activity. There is no law or order. The government is a crime syndicate that siphons enormous amounts of taxes collected, which tax money is then used on the payers of that money. Insult to injury. We have been enslaved all over the world, crime families posing as “benevolent” governments. Nothing could be further from the truth. Satan rules the world.


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