Arena bombing inquiry chaired by former Sheffield Council chief opens for evidence

An inquiry into the emergency services’ response to the Manchester Arena bombing in which a Sheffield woman died has started gathering evidence – and is being chaired by a former city council chief executive.

Lord Bob Kerslake, who was also head of the civil service from 2011 to 2014, has appealed to people who were caught up in the terror attack in May to share their experiences, giving witnesses the chance to shape any future recommendations.

The Kerslake Arena Review is being supported by children’s charity the NSPCC, which is allowing people to give evidence via its helpline. In addition, youngsters can use Childline to tell their stories.

Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham ordered the inquiry, which will consider the actions of police, fire service and ambulance crews during the attack at an Ariana Grande gig which claimed the lives of 22 concertgoers and parents. Kelly Brewster, aged 32, from Arbourthorne, was among the victims.

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15 thoughts on “Arena bombing inquiry chaired by former Sheffield Council chief opens for evidence

  1. Check out his PFI binge and the massive interest charges left for others to pay. Yes, quality for the money lenders! He screws up and moves on, time and again…
    Great if you get the interest payments not so if you are left to pay.


  2. What about an investigation into Andy Burnham?
    As a former Health Secretary, Burnham ignored calls from relatives of patients who died at the Mid-Staffs hospital for a full public inquiry.
    His role in the Mid-Staff scandal has never been subject to any in-depth public investigation, it should be, this guy is a hypocrite with double standards.


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