Pakistani women are living in ‘entirely different society’

Pakistani women are living in ‘entirely different society’ and are ‘shockingly badly integrated’ in UK says Cabinet Office survey

  • Findings of the UK’s first disparity audit are set to be published on Tuesday
  • Pakistani women who do not speak English or work are living in ‘different society’
  • Another survey shows Asian families will be worst hit by benefit and service cuts
  • Disparity also between white Britons and ethnic minorities in employment levels
  • Dame Louise Casey has criticised UK’s integration policies in recent months  

Pakistani women living in the UK are ‘shockingly badly integrated’, a Cabinet Office survey is set to reveal.

The findings of the UK’s first disparity audit, published in full on Tuesday, hope to shed better light on how people from different backgrounds are treated in regards to their access to healthcare, education, employment and the criminal justice system.

For women of Pakistani origin, the audit has revealed a particularly ‘shocking’ situation.

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Racial divide to be exposed on new website

The extent of Britain’s racial divide will be revealed tomorrow with the launch of an official website exposing the continued inequalities among ethnic minorities in housing, work, health and life expectancy.

The site will bring together thousands of pieces of official data from across the public sector in fully searchable form for the first time.

It will also be continually updated as new information is gathered and enable pressure groups and academics to track government progress in tackling discrimination nationally and by region.

The project is thought to be the most ambitious of its type in the world.

It is expected to reveal some areas of the country where working-class white populations are at a significant social and economic disadvantage to other ethnic minority groups.

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9 thoughts on “Pakistani women are living in ‘entirely different society’

  1. Don’t believe a word of this rubbish.
    I see Pakistanis driving around in Mercedes all the time.
    And anyway, if you want to live in seperate enclaves , don’t be surprised when you are isolated by everyone else.


    • “I see Pakistanis driving around in Mercedes all the time.” Isn’t this because most of them are crooks. I thought to be Pakistani and a crook is synonymous. It’s said by the progressives that we shouldn’t legislate on what people wear, but when they’ve been here many years and still wear Asian clothes then they are making a definite statement of we are not of you and we will live in your country, but not be part of you!
      If they don’t want to integrate they should emigrate, but of course, their failure to integrate it will be totally our fault.


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  3. Is clothes are barriers to integration then lets become naturists, then no one should complain.

    Wait a minute we still find something that was different about each other oh dam.
    Back to REMA.


  4. And now Indian men who marry a child will be guilty of rape.
    We don’t want this in ur country either.
    The law needs to include immigrants culture.


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