Sandwell also seems to have issues with a dodgy BT contract!

From the quite excellent Sandwell blog, In The Public Domain?

Jan Britton’s £16m Big Black Hole!

It gets more incredible by the day….

Herewith a letter which I am sending to the Chief Constable of the West Midlands and to The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government:

To: Dave Thompson, Chief Constable,
West Midlands Police

Cc The Rt. Hon. Sajid Javid MP, Secretary of State, Communities & Local Government

Dear Chief Constable,

Huge “error” in Sandwell SMC accounts.

For many years a former employee of Sandwell Council has made public allegations of a substantial fraud when SMBC entered into the absolutely disastrous “Transform Sandwell” contract with BT.

When I personally gave evidence to WMP about fraud in Jan Britton’s Council over many years I discussed this with DS Wayne Haynes and his colleague and urged him to meet with the former employee. It seems that – as with most other things – this was never followed up (and, of course, one or more senior WMP officers have seen to it that matters within the rotten borough have never been investigated either adequately or at all.)

You will probably be aware that there has been serious disquiet in other local authority areas relating to similar BT contracts eg in Cornwall and Liverpool and some police investigation.

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3 thoughts on “Sandwell also seems to have issues with a dodgy BT contract!

  1. The BT contract at RMBC was brutal. £50 for a pencil, jump through ten flaming hoops to get it and you had to wait a month for it.
    Someone walked out of that with a LOT of money.


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