Rotherham Borough Council in line for national social work award

ROTHERHAM Borough Council is in the running to be named the best social work employer of the year.

The authority — heavily criticised in the Jay and Casey reports of 2014 and 2015 — has been praised for its work with vulnerable children.

A recruitment drive and incentives for staff have seen more social workers help with the recovery following the CSE scandal.

Deputy leader Cllr Gordon Watson said: “Three years ago this praise would have been unheard of here in Rotherham. This really is such a tremendous turnaround for us.

Read on…,rotherham-borough-council-in-line-for-national-social-work-award_24132.htm

5 thoughts on “Rotherham Borough Council in line for national social work award

  1. Anyone who thinks RMBC is ‘fixed’ simply needs to walk around the town centre and Eastwood. The grooming simply moved to the Roma community.

    This ‘award’ is purely spin, organised by the council spin doctors to justify inflated wages.


  2. Doesn’t surprise me at all ! remember the award that children’s services received a couple of years before the CSE scandal broke ?
    Joyce Thacker, strategic director of children’s services at the council, was asked by a Ukip councillor how Rotherham children’s services had won an award while all the abuse was going on unchecked In 2007, the Local Government Chronicle award for management of children’s services went to Rotherham. “Were these people total idiots who did the appraisal?” asked the councillor, John Turner, or was information about the town’s grooming problem “suppressed”?
    Thacker said: “I can’t recall the criteria for the award.”
    It seems to me that these awarding bodies don’t do their homework they’re just interested in trying to make everyone think that every things hunky dory and the gullible Rotherham voters fall for it every time


  3. I hope no public money will be used in support of this award, in the form of paying for the table, travelling expenses or hotel bills?
    After all the only beneficiaries appear to be, Ian Thomas personally. another notch on his CV, and of course, the ‘pretend’ Deputy Leader, Gordon Watson!
    Will the ‘real’ Deputy Leader, be going too, for her photo opportunity, I wonder?


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