May calls on society to ‘explain or change’ UK’s racial disparity

The audit website:

THERESA May will challenge society to “explain or change” significant differences in the life outcomes of British ethnic minority and white people revealed in the Government’s racial disparity audit.

The Prime Minister will tell government, business, police and other institutions they have “nowhere to hide” and must help ensure race is never a barrier to people achieving their goals in life.

The audit will lay bare on a new Ethnicity Facts and Figures website at 12.30pm today how people of different races are treated in areas including health, education, employment and the criminal justice system.

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Britain’s first race audit reveals extent of discrimination

Schools, police forces and councils will have “nowhere to hide” on discrimination, Theresa May pledges today as she publishes research laying bare racial divides across the country.

The first government “race audit”, said to be the most ambitious project of its kind in the world, reveals divides in health, education, employment and the criminal justice system in England.

Dorset police will be challenged to explain why black people were seven times more likely to be arrested in its area than in Essex last year.

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