‘The pay-gap between education’s bosses and teachers is vast and growing. Here’s what we need to do’

Some education bosses earn more than 13 times as much as an NQT. Have they lost sight of the noble foundations of the welfare state, asks one celebrated educationalist

It was the Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s email subject line – “We are a supporter of the Living Wage and make grants only to those organisations who pay it” – that made me think about it.

Having just returned from the local food bank – giving, not receiving – I was reflecting gloomily about the growing inequality between the rich and poor and especially the widening gap between the salaries of those at the top and the pay of those at the bottom of organisations.

Even the government claims to be worried about unjustified salary differentials and talks of forcing all the big PLCs in the private sector to publish the salaries of those at the top. But, even in the unlikely event of the promise being followed through, mere publication isn’t likely to shame private-sector fat cats into remedial action.

Read on… https://www.tes.com/news/school-news/breaking-views/pay-gap-between-educations-bosses-and-teachers-vast-and-growing

LucyJ Education Correspondent

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