Birmingham Islamic faith school guilty of sex discrimination

An Islamic faith school’s policy of segregating boys and girls is unlawful sex discrimination, a court has ruled.

The case was heard at the Court of Appeal as Ofsted challenged a High Court ruling clearing the Al-Hijrah school in Birmingham of discrimination.

Ofsted’s lawyers argued the segregation left girls “unprepared for life in modern Britain”.

Appeal judges ruled the school was discriminating against its pupils contrary to the Equality Act.

However, the court did not accept the argument the school’s policy had disadvantaged girls more than boys.

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Religious schools must not segregate boys and girls, says Court of Appeal in landmark al-Hijrah ruling

Religious schools that segregate girls and boys have been told they are breaking the law, but have been given time to change their regime, in a landmark court judgement.

Three Court of Appeal judges ruled unanimously that the mixed al-Hijrah school in Birmingham was unlawfully discriminating on the grounds of gender with its rigid policy of gender segregation. Girls and boys have separate classes, are banned from mixing at lunchtime or during any activities and use separate corridors.

Ofsted said that this failed to prepare pupils properly for modern British life and placed the school in special measures last June.

The school challenged Ofsted in the High Court and won. However, the Court of Appeal yesterday ruled that this form of gender segregation in a mixed school caused “detriment and less favourable treatment” for both male and female pupils and was contrary to equalities law.

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LucyJ Education Correspondent

Previously: School segregation ‘a kind of apartheid’, Appeal Court hears

6 thoughts on “Birmingham Islamic faith school guilty of sex discrimination

  1. …and the schools that insist that the parents are churchgoers!

    …and let’s face it many of those selective fee-paying schools are single sex.
    Hampton School (boys) and Lady Eleanor Hollies (girls) are both feepaying, have sites next door to each other, take trips together.

    But some Muslim and Orthodox Jewish schools really do take it to another dimension. …
    BTW:, the girls at Lady Eleanor Hollies get significantly better results than the boys at Hampton.


  2. Shock horror, Islamic school subjugates women, why are we surprised?

    They should be made to appoint an equality outreach inclusion and diversification manager preferably advertised in the Guardian on a salary of £60k a year

    The Iman and men at the school should be mandated to attend equality and inclusion training

    They should then be signposted to appropriate stakeholders and partners who could support the men on how to live in a multi-cultural society where women have equal rights.


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