Rotherham Green Party opposes fossil fuel roadshow

After it being brought to our attention by a concerned local resident, the Rotherham Green Party is making it publicly clear that we oppose the upcoming Oil & Gas Materials and Manufacturing Roadshow due to to take place at Rotherham’s Advanced Manufacturing Park in Catcliffe on the 30th of November. The UK rate of production of Oil and Gas has peaked and the global rate of production will peak soon. The decline in the rate of the production of fossil fuels will fundamentally affect the nation’s economy.

Rotherham’s economy is already struggling due to austerity and cuts. The economic crash that the fall of the fossil fuel industry will cause, unless it is immediately replaced by sustainable alternative energies such as wind or solar, shall make communities like ours ghost towns. We need to be promoting businesses working on sustainable alternative energies which will also provide a growth in jobs in our area.

The Rotherham Green Party calls upon Councillors Alan Buckley, Adam Carter and Nigel Simpson, the business park’s council representatives, to stand against this Roadshow and join us in supporting a push for clean sustainable energy within the Rotherham Borough.

Rotherham Green Party

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