Adult survivors of CSE in Rotherham want Jean Imray to answer these questions

16 Oct 2017 — Q1 Were you part of the DLT (Directorate Leadership Team) when the DLT agreed to seek some independent, expert guidance on the content of Voices of Despair Voices of Hope?

Q2 Who first made you aware of the concerns raised in the Freedom of Information (FOI) request dated 16.9.15 and on what date?

Q3 Were you the author of the FOI response dated 7.12.15 and the statement “Two copies of the document were sent with an explanation about why an independent view was being sought”?

Q4 Did you initially provide all of the information that you held including notes and emails when responding to the FOI request dated 16.9.17?

Q5 Did you discuss the document Voices of Despair Voices of Hope and RMBC’s 1500 copies – A Response to FOI Response (7.12.15) – 15.12.15 with Linda Harper, Acting Director of Children’s Services, before Linda met one of the co-authors of Voices of Despair Voices of Hope on 30.12.15?

Q6 What is the name and position of the so-called “independent, expert” you contacted? What date did you first contact this person?

Jean Imray was appointed by letter on 23 October 2014 as Independent Investigator to Review Cases A to O. The Council agreed to pay fees of £675 per day inclusive of all expenses. Before Jean Imray completed her report in May 2015, she was appointed as Interim Deputy Strategic Director of CYPS, RMBC. Sharon Kemp, Chief Executive, has stated that Jean Imray was appointed to the authority on 6 April 2015. It appears that Jean Imray was employed by RMBC until 9 June 2016.

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4 thoughts on “Adult survivors of CSE in Rotherham want Jean Imray to answer these questions

  1. It’s disgusting that the group can’t march right into Riverside and demand these answers immediately. The council works and serves us, not the other way around. Riverside House belongs to the taxpayer, the staff inside are our servants. If we want truthful answers we should get them, face-to-face, from whoever we want, when it suits us, the public.

    Cowards hide behind walls and there has been enough cowardice in RMBC. It’s time for real change.


    • Very true but unfortunately real change will never happen. We’ve had the commissioners in to sort out a council declared to be inadequate but all we’ve got is window dressing and a big bill.
      Added to that, practically the same councillors were re elected following the CSE disclosures. Until Labour are voted out Rotherham will get what it deserves.


      • To true, but they are importing more ethnics giving them everything they want as long as they vote Liebour to keep themselves in a nice little well paid job to look after them,you think of the non jobs created by Rotherham council to look after these poor ethnics at the expense of the WORKING TAX payers who Liebour do not give a S..T about.


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