Labour MP’s ‘abusive comments’ to woman could spark inquiry, McDonnell says

Abusive comments allegedly made by under-fire Labour MP Jared O’Mara to a constituent are “unacceptable” and could trigger an internal investigation, shadow chancellor John McDonnell said.

Mr O’Mara “categorically denies” the claim he called his Sheffield Hallam constituent Sophie Evans an “ugly bitch” just months before his election. On Monday Mr O’Mara resigned from his position on the Commons Women and Equalities Committee on Monday in a row over homophobic and sexist online comments posted more than a decade ago.

But a spokesman said the MP denies the latest claims against him, which date from March this year.

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Yorkshire MP who made offensive online comments about Girls Aloud and Morrissey has changed his views, says Labour colleague

Shadow education secretary Angela Rayner has defended a Labour MP who quit a Commons committee after offensive online comments he posted before being elected came to light.

Yorkshire MP Jared O’Mara denies calling woman ‘ugly bitch’ in run up to election Ms Rayner said she was “happy to sit beside” Jared O’Mara because he had changed since making the remarks 15 years ago.

Sheffield Hallam MP Mr O’Mara resigned from his position on the Commons Women and Equalities Committee after the social media comments emerged.

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7 thoughts on “Labour MP’s ‘abusive comments’ to woman could spark inquiry, McDonnell says

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  2. As Mick McGahey said when criticised for featuring scantily clad women in the Miners’ magazine “its all a storm in a B cup”.


  3. What year was that?
    Attitudes have changed a lot over recent times, (except in crap newspapers like the Daily Mail). Perhaps you haven’t caught up with it.

    Yesterday Guido featured comments that O’Mara made some 14 years ago, and O’Mara said that “He had changed now”.
    Today Guido featured allegations of very recent comments made by O’Mara.
    I had a lot of time for Jared;
    He supported the Sheffield Tree Campaigners when other Sheff MPs didn’t.
    His cerebral palsy makes many things – like standing – difficult for him, but against many many odds, he became an MP, Yet…


  4. Attitudes have changed, it would be interesting to see the list of Tory MPs who gave Chris Bryant MP a difficult time over his sexuality, I hope Chris Bryant speaks out.

    However The Mail seems to attract readers who find the sighting of a side boob, a wardrobe malfunction and the daughters of minor celebrities the order of the day, so maybe in certain quarters attitudes have not changed.


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