New order comes in to force in Rotherham town centre

An important measure to address declining footfall in Rotherham town centre has come in to force as partners aim to tackle perceptions around antisocial behaviour.

Rothbiz reported in July on proposals for a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for Rotherham town centre and Clifton Park after the Council said that it continues to receive complaints about a minority of people who behave in an unacceptable way.

Reassuring members of the public that the town centre is safe, the order introduces a number of prohibitions to address the anti-social behaviour of individuals visiting these areas. By outlining these prohibitions it makes it clear what kind of behaviour is acceptable in the town centre.

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New anti-social behaviour crackdown launched in Rotherham

A NEW order cracking down spitting, anti-social behaviour and littering in Rotherham has come into force.

The Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO), which was officially launched on Friday (Oct 20), also aims to control drunkenness, pestering charity workers, and uncontrolled dogs.

Council enforcement officers and the police will be able to use the new rules to hand out fines.

The order lasts for three years but will be reviewed after 12 months to make sure it is working.

Rotherham Borough Council and South Yorkshire Police have welcomed the PSPO, which they said had tightened up the law.

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9 thoughts on “New order comes in to force in Rotherham town centre

  1. I bet all the trash that Liebor has invited to come and live in Rotherham are shaking in their boots with Oddinot and her poster, what a joke fine them, all of them on benefits and can’t speak English till it suits them,then we will some do good social worker saying its not their fault they have had a traumatic up bringing stop picking on them.


    • all these dogooders that live in big houses with big drives in wickersley should try doing a shoft in eastwood or in east dene.


        • We are currently building up local support as a first step before setting up community groups and getting candidates ready for the next council elections.


  2. Seen it before, wheel it out a “new” initiative every few years to “improve” the town centre with a police force that don’t like RMBC, don’t want to work with RMBC and don’t care about Rotherham, whilst council officers sit in their giant monument to failure, Riverside House, and panic-up ideas to save their jobs for another year.

    They can do what they want and pose as many pretty pictures as they want. Parkgate and Meadowhall have free parking and I feel safe there.


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