Fly-tipping van man Glynn Atkinson guilty of dumping waste

A “MAN with a van” who advertised his services on Facebook had his vehicle crushed after being caught fly-tipping.

Glynn Atkinson (53) dumped waste at Hoober Hall Lane in Hoober and Howdike Lane at Hooton Roberts.

Atkinson, of Osberton Street, Rawmarsh, admitted three breaches at the Environmental Protection Act when he appeared before magistrates in Sheffield.

Read on…,flytipping-van-man-glynn-atkinson-guilty-of-dumping-waste_24351.htm

7 thoughts on “Fly-tipping van man Glynn Atkinson guilty of dumping waste

  1. Really fantastic to hear. I have been pushing Rotherham council to enforce both litter reduction and fly tipping. Kingdom enforcement was fining 200 people a week for dropping litter at the start of the campaign. We need to see more hidden camera’s to catch those fly tipping, during night time hours.


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