Contempt for Parliament reveals a political malaise

IF Parliament is sovereign – and Brexit is about ‘taking back control’ of the nation’s affairs – why is this Government appearing to ride roughshod over the votes of democratically-elected MPs by saying they’re ‘not binding’?

Talk about arrogance. I refer, of course, to the Tory party’s decision not to contest last week’s vote on Universal Credit – and Labour’s call for a ‘pause’ until the practicalities are sorted out – because Theresa May could not muster sufficient support, not least, I kid you not, because Scottish MP Douglas Ross was ‘freelancing’ as a linesman at Barcelona’s Champions League match.

Like Opposition Day motions last month on NHS pay, and student tuition fees, that the Government ignored before announcing subtle changes in policy, the public regard the arrogance of Ministers – and their Commons business managers – as breathtaking in the extreme.

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1 thought on “Contempt for Parliament reveals a political malaise

  1. When Labour are in Government will they choose to be generous to opposition. I think not!
    All governments very quickly become arrogant!
    Did Labour identify a budgetary virement for proposals or were they increasing debt in the usual way.


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