Is it now time for Emma? Will it be “Hallam for Hoddinott”?

Every dog has its day.. so they say.

The Labour party rumour mill does pump out some tripe every now and then but recent broadcasts from loudmouth sources in Sheffield sound plausible.

Regional Labour party staffers are apparently crawling all over the place at the moment and have put Emma Hoddinott on standby in case there is an snap by election in Sheffield Hallam.

This would explain the recent spike in Emma’s media exposure in recent weeks and being all “left wing” and “grassroot-sy” -( Is there a reclaim the night walk around Rotherham due soon?).

Timing though is a fundamental part of political technique – it gets you places. It is also Emma’s weakest area.

Looking at that photo of Emma, on a platform speaking about the EU, in front of a banner with “Labour in Europe” written on it, with the faces of two soon-to-be ex- MEP’s, something tells me she just hasn’t got that “timing” bit, down to pat.

But, You never know.



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15 thoughts on “Is it now time for Emma? Will it be “Hallam for Hoddinott”?

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  2. I would join that party and personally deliver all the leaflets they needed if this is true. In fact sod momentum, I reckon she could get 75% of the staff in Riverside out shoving stuff in letterboxes for her if it meant we could get rid.


  3. no her timing is bad, its time she got off her backside and did something for people in eastwood. its all well an good posing for cameras in nice clothes, eastwood is going up in flames and she is ignoring it AGAIN


  4. The major problem for Hoddinott is just like O Mara is that she has history, her history is firmly linked to the failure to protect children in Rotherham, even the most superficial due diligence by the NEC wouldl expose the Times headlines and that phrase not fit for purpose.

    Add into the mix her role as media lead for the local Labour group and you can only guess the scale of saved e-mails that will appear adding doubt on her suitability as a replacement for O Mara.

    1400 children abused and Hoddinott was part of the team that ultimately failed them, does that sound like a candidate that the good folks of Hallam would vote for?

    While Riverside House staff would dance for joy at her departure do not underestimate the depth of anti-Hoddinott feelings within the Labour Group with many only to pleased to see her fail at yet another selection short listing.

    The NEC have come under the spotlight for the light touch in the selection of O Mara, will they make the very same mistake again?


  5. If the voters in the Hallam constituency can elect a sexist,foul mouthed bully like O’Mara they’ll love Hoddinott.
    She comes with plenty of baggage, tries to hide it and promotes grand ideas that have unlimited costs. She’s climbed the greasy political pole-with help of course-and is a publicity seeking wannabe.
    What’s not to like?


    • Shes a discredited bliarite and yes woman. Certainly not anywhere near the left. Just a right wing careerist.
      She allegedly looked the other way whilst girls were being raped and abused.


  6. I think shes done all she can time wise actually.

    Its a pro remain area, that would devour a female ppc right now. She wont get the left out but she could,and willp court the centre right up there. Shes done it before.


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  8. She should be made to face the people of Eastwood to explain why the fly tipping still continues every day .Eastwood deal was her baby along with K hanson who is leaving if not already gone .


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