Mishal Husain and Victoria Derbyshire among top BBC women exposing ‘sex pests’

Screenshot-2017-10-29 Mishal Husain and Victoria Derbyshire among top BBC women exposing ‘sex pests_A secret group of the BBC’s top female presenters, including Mishal Husain and Victoria Derbyshire, has uncovered a string of suspected cases of sexual harassment at the corporation, including a senior sports presenter.

The group, which keeps its membership of senior editors and presenters a closely guarded secret, encouraged and then supported colleagues to report claims to BBC management. It was formed after the row about the BBC gender pay gap in the summer. Since the Harvey Weinstein scandal it has turned its conversation to sexual harassment, during which the conduct of two men working at the BBC is said to have been raised.

On Friday the BBC suspended one of the men, George Riley, who was supposed to be anchoring the Rugby League World Cup for Radio 5 Live, but was absent from the team covering yesterday’s Wales v Papua New Guinea match. He is thought to be subject to complaints from five women, some of whom have accused him of groping, informers claim.

Read on… https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/mishal-husain-and-victoria-derbyshire-among-top-bbc-women-exposing-sex-pests-w6ckkkr2f


BBC launches probe after allegations radio presenter ‘groped at least eight female colleagues’

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