Government considered scrapping Sheffield-Rotherham tram-train scheme

Government considered scrapping Sheffield-Rotherham tram-train scheme

A group of MPs has heard the government considered scrapping the Sheffield to Rotherham tram-train scheme because of spiralling costs.

The UK’s first tram-train scheme would enable trams to run on existing train tracks between Sheffield and Rotherham as well as on tram lines on the city streets.

The scheme, originally due to cost £15m will now cost £75m and not be complete until May 2018, nearly three years overdue.

Network Rail said the scheme was a “complex and challenging” one.

Officials from Network Rail and the Department for Transport have been giving evidence to the Commons Public Accounts Committee.

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1 thought on “Government considered scrapping Sheffield-Rotherham tram-train scheme

  1. Brilliant concept –
    Er, ey, av got this really gud idea, wy dun’t we av a train that looks like a tram and then we can run it on train tracks that go from Rovrum te’t Mederall.
    Eyup, ant wi got one ov them already, that gus from t’Rovrum station te’t Mederall?
    Ar, but wiv got seventy five million quids to waste.


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