More Tory MPs named in the ‘dirty dossier’

Revealed: Nine Tory MPs on the so called ‘sex dossier’ – with some included for already known relationships

A Tory Minister and an MP have been accused of paying women to be silent in a so-called ‘dirty dossier’ being shared by party staff, as the full list of claims against Tory MPs is laid bare.

The Minister is said to have asked a woman to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and the MP is alleged to have “paid a female to be quiet”.

It comes amid a growing sexual harassment scandal at Westminster, with some 40 Conservative MPs being named in the ‘dossier’. In the list obtained by The Telegraph, seven Cabinet ministers, eight former ministers and 15 other members of the Government are named.

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Theresa May’s deputy Damian Green is in Westminster ‘dirty dossier’ over claims he was on Ashley Madison database

The First Secretary of State denied using infidelity website Ashley Madison in 2015

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Kate Maltby: Damian Green, you probably have no idea how awkward I felt

Westminster is an unpleasant place this week. After the Weinstein scandal we are asking new questions about the sexual abuse of power: all to the good. But for women who work in SW1, especially those of us who are outspoken feminists, everyone has particular questions. Has a cabinet minister ever made an unwanted advance? If you’re telling, are you a troublemaker? If you’re not telling, are you complicit?

There are no easy answers. I have a score of female friends with stories to tell, across all the main parties. Most fear repercussions if they speak out from those keen to tear the sexual reputations of whistleblowers apart.

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Deputy PM Damian Green investigated over sleaze claim

Theresa May’s deputy has been dragged into the Westminster scandal after being accused of making inappropriate advances towards a Tory activist three decades his junior.

Damian Green, the first secretary of state, was referred to the cabinet secretary by Downing Street last night after Kate Maltby, a critic and academic involved in Conservative politics, revealed the text message and described a meeting between them in a bar when they discussed her career as well as sexual affairs within parliament.

He told her that his “wife was very understanding” and put “a fleeting hand against my knee — so brief, it was almost deniable”, Ms Maltby, 31, writes in The Times today. The encounter with Mr Green left her “angry”, she said.

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More Tory MPs named in the ‘dirty dossier’ of alleged indiscretions as more sex claims emerge – but several are in relationships with no whiff of scandal

  • Dossier circulating names 40 Tory MPs including six serving Cabinet ministers  
  • Damian Green’s email on hacked list of Ashley Madison members – he denied it
  • MailOnline understands at least 13 named for merely having relationships
  • Amber Rudd appears because of her relationship with MP Kwasi Kwarteng
  • Mark Menzies, 45, quit as a minister’s aide in 2014 over rent boy allegations 
  • Two MPs named known to have had children with their staff after falling in love

More Tory ministers and MPs have been named as being on Westminster’s ‘spreadsheet of shame’ including a former rising star accused of asking a Brazilian rent boy to supply him with drugs.

Mark Menzies, 45, quit as a minister’s aide in 2014 shortly after being asked about his relationship with Rogerio dos Santos Pinto, 19, who claimed the politician had given him a tour of Parliament before allegedly offering to pay him £250 for a two-hour session.

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Westminster staffer says she was sexually assaulted by MP

Woman criticises PM’s proposals for dealing with claims of harassment and abuse after her experience of reporting incident

A Westminster staffer who says she was sexually assaulted by an MP last year has criticised Theresa May’s “inadequate” proposals for dealing with allegations of harassment and abuse by politicians.

The woman, who works for another MP, said she was speaking out because measures proposed by May will still not be sufficiently independent of the political parties.

She described to the Guardian being sexually assaulted by the MP, who, she said, forcibly held her on a bed in a hotel room while on a business trip to Europe with parliamentary colleagues.

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