Theresa May: Take sex abuse claims to police & more of today’s developments …

More Westminster sexual assault allegations emerge as Tory aide says her drink was spiked with a ‘date rape drug’ in Commons bar

Woman claims Tory MP grabbed her by crotch from behind

A new allegation of sexual assault in Westminster has emerged amid the deepening harassment scandal.

A woman said a Conservative MP she worked for grabbed her by her crotch from behind. She said she later told the Commons authorities about the incident, but was told there was “nothing they could do”.

In a separate incident, a former Conservative Party aide said her drink was spiked with a suspected date-rape drug in the Strangers’ Bar at the House of Commons. The bar is reserved for MPs and their guests.

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Theresa May: Take sex abuse claims to police

Theresa May said any allegations about serious sexual abuse in Parliament should go to the police as she promised a new “independent” process to handle complaints.

The PM said she was “deeply concerned” by recent reports about alleged harassment and abuse at Westminster.

She invited Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn and other party leaders to a meeting to agree a new grievance procedure.

Mr Corbyn said trade unions should be involved to support staff.

The government has already promised a response “within days” following a range of recent allegations which have included claims of a lack of support for those making complaints.

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Former MP assaulted me in 2012 says ex-Commons intern

A former parliamentary intern has told the BBC that he was sexually assaulted by a former MP in 2012.

James Greenhalgh, who didn’t know the MP, said he felt violated.

He said when he tried to report the assault a couple of months later, he was told by the MP’s party that he couldn’t make a complaint anonymously so did not proceed.

The party concerned said it took “any allegation of this nature extremely seriously”.

Mr Greenhalgh told the BBC he was approached outside one of the bars in the House of Commons by the man who put his arm around him and then went on to assault him.

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Tory ministers Dominic Raab and Rory Stewart deny accusations in sleaze spreadsheet

Two of the Conservative ministers named on a spreadsheet containing allegations of sexual harassment and impropriety at Westminster have denied any wrongdoing, as Downing Street came under increasing pressure to clarify the nature of the investigation into Damian Green.

Dominic Raab, the justice minister, and Rory Stewart, the international development minister, said that accusations relating to their alleged misconduct with women were untrue. The document remains largely unverified.

Mr Raab’s name appeared on the list next to a claim that he was subject to an injunction for “inappropriate behaviour with a woman”. Mr Stewart was alleged to have asked Sophie Bolsover, his former researcher, “to do odd things”.

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Tory ministers hit out at ‘malicious’ sexual abuse claims against MPs

Dominic Raab and Rory Stewart, who were named on list of alleged Tory misdeeds, have both strongly denied the accusations against them

Two Conservative ministers have hit out at what they call false and hurtful allegations of sexual abuse , as Theresa May wrote to fellow party leaders calling for an independent appeals process to investigate serious complaints in Westminster.

Dominic Raab and Rory Stewart both said they had been named on an anonymously compiled list of supposed misdeeds by Conservative MPs, and insisted that the claims were completely untrue.

Raab, a junior justice minister tipped by some as a future Tory leader, revealed he was named on the widely-circulated list as having been subject to an injunction over “inappropriate behaviour with a woman”.

In a statement on his website Raab warned that while it was vital to investigate cases of abuse and harassment, he feared a “media feeding frenzy” from the widely shared list, which names 40 MPs and ministers.

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Damian Green denies making sexual advances towards young Tory activist

Another Tory MP calls for Green to be suspended while claims that he touched woman’s knee and sent suggestive message are investigated

Theresa May has ordered an investigation into allegations that her deputy, Damian Green, made inappropriate advances to a female activist in the last two years.

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Green Party’s Lucas calls for consent lessons for MPs

Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas has called for compulsory training for MPs to teach them about consent.

It comes as allegations and rumours relating to sexual harassment and abuse by MPs swirl around Westminster.

The Green MP told BBC 5 Live: “What we need is compulsory training for all MPs. How to understand what consent is.

“Some basic stuff that you might have thought people would have gained along the way before they got into parliament, but clearly they haven’t.”

The Greens campaign for consent lessons to be part of compulsory Personal, Social and Health Education in schools.

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