Ofsted plans MAT inspection changes from 2018

Ofsted wants to change the way it inspects multi-academy trusts (MATs) from September 2018, according to a senior inspector.

Stephen McMullan told the annual conference of the National Co-ordinators of Governor Services in Grantham today that the watchdog was “considering” new ways of inspecting and evaluating MATs. These changes could be implemented as soon as next year.

At the moment, Ofsted can only undertake “focused inspections”, which involve visiting a handful of a MAT’s schools and culminate in a letter to the trust.

But Ofsted’s chief inspector Amanda Spielman has this week demanded increased powers to inspect MATs in their their entirety, claiming the current system only gives inspectors a “limited” view.

Read on… https://schoolsweek.co.uk/ofsted-plans-mat-inspection-changes-from-2018/

DfE multi-academy trust league tables: Who are the best and worst performers?

The Department for Education has today published its own “league tables” for multi-academy trusts, fulfilling a manifesto pledge and promises by ministers for more transparency over the academies programme.

The publication of the data confirms a series of earlier analysis by experts that shows there are large differences between the performance of academy chains.

For example, the DfE report found for current key stage 2 value-added scores, trusts are “fairly evenly split above and below average performance”.

Read on… https://schoolsweek.co.uk/dfe-multi-academy-trust-league-tables-who-are-the-best-and-worst-performers/


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