The Yorkshire Post says: Nod to North in May’s reshuffle – now can our Ministers please get on with the job?

THERESA May will be desperately hoping that her new Cabinet choices are sounder than Sir Michael Fallon, the supposed ‘safe pair of hands’ who had to resign as Defence Secretary in the wake of Parliament’s sexual harassment scandal.

Cabinet shuffle sees Yorkshire MPs handed key roles in Theresa May’s team In promoting Scarborough-born chief whip Gavin Williamson to head the Armed Forces, and replacing him with his former deputy Julian Smith as the Skipton & Ripon MP is elevated to the Cabinet, the Prime Minister is rewarding two of the dependable loyalists who ran her leadership campaign last summer.

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Gavin Williamson replaces Michael Fallon as defence secretary

Chief Whip Gavin Williamson has been appointed as the new defence secretary after Sir Michael Fallon’s resignation.

Sir Michael quit on Wednesday saying his past behaviour may have “fallen short” of the standards expected by the UK military.

He became the first politician to quit following recently revealed claims of sexual harassment in Parliament.

South Staffordshire MP Mr Williamson, 41, said he was “both honoured and excited” by the promotion.

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Gavin Williamson appointed to replace Michael Fallon as Defence Secretary

Theresa May has named chief whip Gavin Williamson as her new Defence Secretary after Sir Michael Fallon became the first minister to resign over the allegations of sexual misconduct engulfing Westminster.

The Scarborough-born Williamson, who has enjoyed a speedy assent since being elected as the MP for South Staffordshire in 2010, was appointed less than 24 hours after Sir Michael stood down.

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Gavin Williamson is PM’s trusted adviser but may harbour his own ambition

There is only one reason why Gavin Williamson wasn’t on the list this morning of those thought likely to be made defence secretary. After all, think of the arguments in favour. When you do the whole thing is less surprising.

The defence secretary is one of the cabinet ministers who work most directly with the prime minister. Mrs May is self-contained, with few intimate allies, and Gavin Williamson has become one of them. He’s a trusted and close adviser. This above all things made him a candidate.

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We are never going to eliminate the messy business of sexual attraction from the workplace

WHEN the news broke this week that Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon had resigned from the Cabinet following revelations that he had touched a female journalist’s knee 15 years ago I am sure I wasn’t the only one to think: “There’s got to be more to it than that!”

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